Answere to Question

14 January 2016


Due to a question in english I choose to reply in english too. The reasons for altering the post about taking a "break-from-here" had to do with private matters going on in my family. I did not, at the time, know if I could focus on this blog while other things needed my fullest attention. Yesterday, I took the descision to keep the blog going and I will find time to do a good work too. I have the highest respect for all my readers all over the world. I try to keep this blog on a high fashion level and search for new inspiration daily. I also think it is important to be loyal and honest to your readers. I have never approved with people using social media fickly as for instance by turning on and off instagram to get new followers or writing at blog without direction or continuously. I see this blog as partly hobby, career and a way of expression. To take good care of this blog I feel is showing respect for my followers almost as a way of expressing that I am serious in completing missions that I have started. For me, being loyal in life is central! So, much more will be coming up regulary asusual! Love you all <3 


So cold outside now. Picture from november for ALICE by Belleshoes by Armand Dommer