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vestiaire collective - my choices

31 March 2018










Christian Louboutin thigh high boots, ankelboots and python boots



Alexander McQueen alligator jacket, skull leather pochette and leather ankle boots (need a new pair of these that I have worn out)





Saint Laurent silk minidress, mongolian lamb west and jacket





I love buying used fashion! Wearing vintage feels so satisfying as it really is a win-win choice in aspects as from sustaible perspective and fulfilling a will to dress stylish and different. I know that the word "luxury" is becoming more and more about "fast fashion", as being the one to first be seen in for instance a dress from a just released collection. Well, luxury for me is soo much more and I do myself have problem to figure at what luxury really means. For me it seems that the more I read and the more academic studies I envolve myself in, the larger potion of doubt comes to mind about my knowledge of these types of words. This minute my thought about luxury is all about, desire!!! :)  These are my most desirable choices from Vestiaire Collective now! Love em! xoxo









Louis Vuitton vanity case, umbrella and wool plaid





Hermes umbrella, scarf and crossbody bag




Hermes cushion, paperweight and wool plaid




Chanel travelbag, waistbag and bracelet



Chanel belt, choker and necklace



All images from Although poor image quality, please click on image of your choice for a closer look.




love - cartier

30 March 2018










Where there is love there is hope! This bracelet is for me very much the essence of love, of course Cartier has named the collection "Love". The idea comes to mind of loving that one person for eternity. A passion never ending. The love bracelet is for me the ultimate chasisty belt in a modern metaphorical way. To be locked down to Mr Right. Or,  to let Mr Right lock my wrist to his heart for a common future. These ideas are soo sensual! How far would you go for love? Well, if you ask me how far I would go: To the moon and the stars ! xoxo









All images from Cartier official instagram account @ Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.



scarf season - coming up

30 March 2018














Is not scarves the ultimate fashion accessory? As I was watching the models walking the runways from recent fashionweeks, I noticed that scarves were so very present in soo many collections all over the world. A big trend in other words!!! It is such a wearable accessory too and sometimes even function as a garment. You may wear scarves around the neck, or worn as a bandanas, maybe made to function as a top or worn around the waist like a belt, perhaps wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet or why not attached to a handbag to make it pop? At my wardrobes almost all of the scarves are from Hermes, so I checked out their website to have some ideas for some new scarves to complete my summer looks. Here are my choices! Lovely, are they not?  xoxo










Editorial images from Vogue Germany by Photographer Greg Kadel.

Images of scarves from

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louis vuitton - easter - surprises

29 March 2018











Easter is for me all about family, dining, candy, bunnys and eggs :) I love to go on a scavenger hunt at home to find the egg my parents has hidden somewhere. And nowadays as I find it, there is always something more than candy inside. Often a small yet fashionable gift!

As I am working at Louis Vuitton today and tomorrow: Why not stop by and let me help you to find out what you can find for someone special to surprise them with inside an easter egg? xoxo







All accessoires from Louis Vuitton. Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.



easter mood - mrs alice

28 March 2018








My easter inspirational moodboard comes from the wonderful instagram account by Mrs Alice! I can see myself in a future with a wonderful man that I have fallen deeply in love with, many little rascal children and a living with horses and hounds. <3 I would love to have a great mansion where our family in generations can live all together :) Ofc, I also wanna somehow combine family and working a little bit in the fashion industry, just as Mrs Alice. It is legit to dream, is it not? xoxo







All images from instagram by Alice Naylor Leyland @ Please click on image of your choice for a closer inspirational look.



virgil abloh - louis vuitton menswear

26 March 2018










Now it is finally out: Louis Vuitton has decided for Virgil Abloh as the new artistic director for menswear, read more in this great article by Vanessa Friedman and Elizabeth Paton for New York Times! The rumors have been ongoing every since Kim Jones stepped off with his final amazing menswear collection for Louis Vuitton a couple of months ago. I do think that Virgil Abloh as the choice for the fashionhouse was not a bet that should have been done with very high odds :)  If you wanna know more about the former and new artistic directors for Louis Vuitton menswear and their thoughts on fashion, watch this clip below from sept 2017 / xoxo









Picture from




iconic people - my life

25 March 2018










As I woke up on this Sunday, way to late, I let my mind float away in thoughts! Thoughts about the people that I have surrounded myself with before and the ones that I choose today. Of course not just my choice, just as much the choice of the people who want me to be included in their life. If someone really lets me down, I cut the connection immidiately with no regrets and never to return. These people are forgotten for me and layed aside and I am actually surprised how easy these desicions are for me nowadays :) Another thing with me is that I really love spending time all by myself. Everyday of the week I rather be alone,  than having to be close to someone or someones that I do not click with. Or as Oscar Wilde put it "To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance" :)

Lately I have discovered, even more frequently than ever before, how judgemental people really are. Who have the right to critizises a person for the friends they choose to have? Are for example your friends choices in life and actions something that you yourself have to be countable for? Lately I have heard everything from that I have friends that are too old, friends who are participants in silly realityshows, friends that are too wild and sometimes even to lame? I have always in my life been judged from the perspecive of my beauty, not so much by men though ;) Beauty can be a blessing, at the same time a curse. Envy is one curse that can hit a beauty another one is that beauty can stand in the way of being taken seriously. 

Nowadays I am very good at observing, observing who is real and legit in their connection with me and have my back and stands up for our friendship. I I do have many acquatiances in life. You know people you hang out with, sometimes partying with and so on. I am very well aware of the difference between friends and acquatiances in life. I acknowledge that I do need them both in leisure and in business. In my younger days I felt like it was a blurry line between them both, now it has become almost crystal clear. 

When it comes to love then? Well, if a person can not publically stand for being interested in you from the beginning, why wait then for it? Why wait for something so uncertain and unpassionate as struggling with love in the beginning, at that time when love should actually feel like the most powerful drive? I have never hunted love, maybe so due to that I am very confident that love always will find its way all by itself someday in someway :) <3 






chillin like a villain

21 March 2018










I just wanna peep in to keep you up-dated about my life currently. Chillin like a villain :) I have had two days off work and these days has been spent with friends and training a lot at the gym, powerwalking with my little monster Krispy and running intervals. Feeling freakin awesome! :P

Tomorrow back to work at LV, soo you all know where to find me. Besides that? Not so much! Thinking about my choice of leaving Louis Vuitton this summer for something new! Something that is soo uncertain as all I know is that I will move from Sweden! Current thoughts about destination, anywhere :)

Tomorrow i will be at Suite Thursday dinner with my crowd! Be there or be square, hehe!

Currently living at my fathers place next to Stureplan and will be moving back this weekend <3 Miss my mum ofc, even though I love living here too. Today we spoke on the phone as she wanna force me to watch football on Friends this weekend! I do not want go for reasons I keep for myself. Although I will actually cheer for Chile this time. Reasons are many, maybe also due to that I just found out that my mum has a special vurm for Chile? She never told me before that in her home, as a child, her family took care of some children from Chile who had fled to Sweden. Her family did it out of solidarity, no other reasons, and got the connection as the family was close friends with the heads of Red Cross and Amnesty International. A bit of a fairy tale as these children, from these hard circumstances, grew up in the best enviroment with possibilities to give them strength in life to study and become professors and doctors for example.

Is it not magic that one find out new things about life and ones family, constantly! In my family: Never a dull minute! Utterly blessed <3 xoxo

(Btw, will continue my fashion posting and analysis next week when everything is back to normal)




thoughts on my birthday

18 March 2018









Today is my birthday :) One year older and many years wiser! I have learned soo much this last year, not just about myself and the people that I surround myself with, but primarly about different paths in life and choices that has to be made.


Thoughta on my birthday is:

1. Utterly blessed always surrounded by family and true friends. You know who you are and the way you have celebrated me the last 24hours will never be forgotten. You, who I have not been around lately and yet remembered my birthday, thanks for letting me know you are still out there and caring<3

2. Struggle is real as I am still recovering from my concussion. Getting better daily and it is truly amazing what a magic construction the human body is. In other words: Back to basic :)

3. I have moved out my apartment today due to a huge renovation of my apartment. Nothing will be posted here during next week!



Remember be good always! xoxo





changes at home

14 March 2018









My home is an all white home with the traditional old oak parquet in the entire apartment. Floors from the origin of the house being 1880s. Now, it is about time for a change. Next week I will be moving out for an entire week due to a renovation of the entire apartment. One big change is that the floors are going to change into dark ones. First they will prepare the parquet and the dark stain and after that put a laque finish layer. All the wallpapers at home, see top and above, is in a brown scale from Osborne & Little.  I do belive they will look even more awesome with the new coloring of the floors. 

What´s up beside this? Well, still struggling with my major concussion! It was my days off work from LV anyway wednesday and thursday, but on friday I do think I will try to make it to work :) The doctor instructed me to take it easy for about a month, soo I will try my best to take his advice and not stress so much at work. 

As today is my first day not spending the entire day in bed,  I have been a wifey and fixed an asian dinner at my home for bae Jenny! Cosy evening <3 xoxo








stories from the bedside

12 March 2018









I am soo very sorry for the bad updating! My reasons for it are truly legit though. I have a major concussion that I got last Thursday! I have been in and out of the hospital and doing x-rays to make sure of current status not turning for the worst. I have been in bed ever since it happened. Struggling with light, sounds and such a headache. Watching movies when I have felt a bit better for a couple of minutes, but mostly sleeping constantly in a dark bedroom.

As I do absolutely nothing but sleep as I have problem focusing, I tend to float away or dream away :) Dream away to that moment in time when I actually felt something instantly for someone <3 Is it not magic if I could write a song, just to tell someone that I still think of that short moment? xoxo










tuesday - cheers for the future

06 March 2018












Today has been my day off work and of course lots to do! The morning started up with a powerwalk around Royal Djurgarden with my little monster, Debonaires Krispy Kreme! After that a proteinshake before I sorted my wardrobes at home. What a hustle, puuh! After that I went on-line in search of fully furnished apartments in Dubai for fall! If you guys out there have any ideas, hit me up! I look for a fully furnished studio/1 bedroom apartment for 3 months, preferably in Buisness Bay or close to Dubai Mall. Gym and Pool is a must! Email me on <3 

Later on today, the afternoon was spent at Somayeah and Erics place and their gorgeous son Prince George who is getting bigger and bigger.  I adore children and for some strange reason children are drawn to me too :) 

The evening was all about cheering with some bubble while watching the Louis Vuitton show for the aw 2018 collection.

As I was walking home in the dark of Stockholm it really got to me more then ever: Sweden is way toooo small for me! I need to use my angel wings and fly away from here and soon it is actually time for lift off! xoxo






louis vuitton - aw2018 - powerful

06 March 2018











Nicolas Ghesquière showed off his wonderful Louis Vuitton aw 2018 collection at Musée de Louvre. I must add I have not received an initation, once again :) Must be the postoffice fault as usual ;) Well, it was magic shaw that I watched with the rest of the staff while gathering at the Louis Vuitton flagshipstore in Stockholm. Above I have choosen the most wonderful looks according to my personal taste. The entire collection made me crave and feel desire. It was modern, innovative and very high end. If I would choose one word to label the collecion it must be, luxury! Luxury in the sense of the feeling that modern women has the luxury in todays society to choose her way of life, independent! Power collection! xoxo










All pictures from Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.


chanel rtw fw2018 - my choices

06 March 2018











Chanel deserves its own post on this website! These are the best looks according to myself and my ideas of dressing up for myself. I have also shown a variety of images showing details that are adorable! Pure love for Chanel, as ususal I might add! xoxo







All pictures from Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.


Paris fashionweek - best collections - part V

06 March 2018






Zuhair Murad



Zuhair Murad showed a collection that was almost made for me! Really love love love all the looks and would kill to get to wear them! This is my last part for Paris Fashionweek. Later on Chanel and Louis Vuitton is still coming up, although those fashion houses always deserve their very own exclusive posts :) xoxo



Alexander McQueen




John Galliano




Stella McCartney



All pictures from Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.



paris fashionweek - best collections - part IV

04 March 2018





Haider Ackermann




Elie Saab








All pictures from Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.


Louis Vuitton - for Mr Right

03 March 2018







For me it is not just important to dress on-fleek myself! Equal important, that Mr Right is looking smashing! Therefor I present a small choice from Louis Vuitton that Mr Right could choose to impress me and keep the homefire burning ;) Or,  not just impress me, complete me is more the right word! xoxo





All pictures from 



pfw - rtw aw 2018 - a brief analysis

03 March 2018






Haider Ackermann, Louis Vuitton, Redemption and Saint Laurent



Well the sexy and female smoking is still since the time when Yves Saint Laurent first introduced it a key iconic garment. Smoking in different shapes for different occasions in the creation of ones identity: Sexy, rock-chick and also for very classy power women in todays society. Awesome!




Redemption, Chanel, Givenchy and 



Well the wurm for the 70s continue across the Atlantic from N.Y to Paris. The variety in 70s looks are endless, these are a few of my fav with fur as a main ingrediens. My top one is the updated pimp look from Mulberry, ubercool!



Valentino, Chanel, Akris and Off-White



As I think about Paris I often tend to feel pure love and being in love with that wonderful capital of romance. Why not dream away in some wonderful Parisian romantic dress with all ruffles? Ruffles and romantic is another major trend.




Hermes, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and Isabel Marant



Hello leather! Sexy leather comes strong in many collections. Sometimes presented as black leather looks from top-to-toe, although one huge trend is the power belts, sometimes a belt in the shape of a corset, over a dress or a suit to spot out that tiny waist. Sexy and powerful!




Givenchy, Haider Ackermann, Poiret and Rochas



Metallic has been strong for many seasons. The all-silver looks from last seasons has turned into metallic in all colors and very much so the trend is more into golden colors and the earth scales of coloring.  Wonderful!



All pictures from Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.


mfw - rtw aw 2018 - a brief analysis

03 March 2018





Missoni, GUCCI and Etro



First trend of Milan - Hippie goes glam 70s! I do adore these looks, some of them toned down and so beautiful in its simplicity and some of them ubercool and funky glam rock goes hippie kind of feeling. Adorable, sexy and sooo wearable!



Dolce & Gabbana, Dondup and Fendi



Furs are a BIG trend that continues in Milan too. The modern change is more applications, more patterns and fur in a larger variety of clothing and accessoires. The choice is yours, wanna go real or wanna go fake! Gorgeous all the way!




Max Mara, Versace and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini



Leather trending in a way that leather is not a part of the outfit, rather the entire outfit. Love it sooo much! You can also see the big trend with superhot small leatherdresses that shows off loooong legs and a belted thin waist. Uberhot!


All pictures from Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.


lfw - rtw aw2018 - a brief analysis

03 March 2018





Mulberry, Simone Rocha and Mulberry


London Fashionweek was more romantic then ever! Of course there was a lot of the British heritage in the collections as checks and punk. Although my thoughts was that London really was all about beauty this season. The female siloutte and thought of the woman as an "english rose", with a modern twist of dresshistory was a big trend.

Btw, I also has acknowledge that white lace is trending very strong, both for men and women! Another trend that is coming soo strong is the scarfs. Scarfs attached to the body everywhere as an vital accessoir for both men and women upcoming fall/winter. 



Chalayan, Halpern and Temperley London


This trend started up strong for this season. The divided body! A body dressed in a combination of fabrics, patterns or cuts that almost looks like two dressed mixed up to one. Also here you see the trend from NY moves over the Atlantic sea and reaches the British Islands, with its trendy focus on sexy shoulders and featuring glam metallics.



All pictures from Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.

nyfw - rtw aw 2018 - a brief analysis

03 March 2018





Pamella Roland, Alice + Olivia and Jonathan Simkhai


I must begin to make absolutely clear that this is an anlysis that front my personal taste and therfor expresses trends I prefer!

NYFW and this short analysis must begin with the dress of my dreams! A dresschoice by heart <3 The David Bowie dress with my favorite Bowie finger expression, love it. These three first looks are examples taken from my first trend, "shoulders and waists"! The new sexy from NY was much about showing of shoulders and flauting a thin waist. Often put in focus with a belt, although many corset over dresses was also presented as a big new trend.



Juicy Couture, Red Valentino and Tom Ford


The second trend that is still going strong in NY was glam. Glam and shiny metallic in a magic combination of fabrics, patterns and cuts.



Libertine, Anna Sui and Zimmermann


The third big trend is somewhat of boheme go punk mix. Very strong and soo cool, Love it!


All pictures from Please click on image of your choice for a closer look. 


paris fashionweek - best collections - part III

02 March 2018






Isabel Marant








All pictures from Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.



paris fashionweek - best collections - part II

01 March 2018










And so Paris Fashionweek continues :) These are the best looks from the best collections of today! I do know Isabel Marant is on the runway tonight, well we will see if the collections is on my part III post tomorrow then? My analysis from the recent fashionweeks for aw 2018/2019 will be completed on sunday or monday! Stay tuned, so much more is coming! xoxo



Paco Rabanne




All pictures from Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.


tbt life - self esteem

01 March 2018








First the image, although a couple of years old, actually serves as a visualization on my true inner self! I am very private with a healthy self esteem, not bad or in the opposite direction as narcissism. Just a healthy way of looking upon myself and actually feeling good! A good self esteem is something that one has to work on to get absolutely right. I might seem like one girl on the outside, while actually being on oldfashioned friendly soul on the inside! Might be my build up walls?  I have a past of being bulliyed by envious bitches all my life. Now, I just feel sorry for them and how week they really were/still are :) Anyway, alhough having the greatest of loving family, that stuff got to me when I was younger.

Nowadays I know my true value, I know my drives and I know what goals to strive for in life to make it complete for me. I feel truly blessed in so many ways. This tune makes me think of how life happens and with low self esteem, nothing really gives you joy. I hope you all out there, who has been hit hard by life, have the strength to turn things around and find the right path for you! 

And btw: Remember, be good, always! That is a win-win situation! All good things comes to those who are good themselves! Aight! xoxo







Picture: Myself working for Dress from Lars Wallin Couture and hat from milliner Malina Daamgard.




paris fashionweek - best collections - part I

01 March 2018






Saint Laurent



Paris Fashionweek has started up awesome, as espected I must add! <3 Saint Laurent, Dries Van Noten and Mulberry really hit me right in the stomach. I was most impressed of Saint Laurent, as usual one of my top collections during this magic week. Saint Laurent never lets me down! Well, last season Saint Laurent actually let me down with the choice of models. The models last season I do remember had the most aweful legs ever to wear the ubersexy in need of loong-legs sexy looks. This year is a huge improvement in that area, the models complete the designs and therefor complete the looks. Maybe they changed casting director to this season? Well done, if that is the case!!! xoxo




Dries Van Noten






Christian Dior




All pictures from Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.


Thursday - thoughts of the day

01 March 2018








This is my current thoughts of the day:

1. I have got my LV phone now and this workweek has been truly amazing! I get such awesome feedback in texts from my customers, feedback that almost make me cry of joy! <3 This feedback is my very own, and I do not share it with anyone! I must say that customer fulfillment is one major part in loving my work at Louis Vuitton! 

2. What an awesome dinner yesterday with Jean and Jonas! We are all in the fashionbuisiness, me and Jean at Louis Vuitton and Jonas at Chanel. Lot´s to talk about and what a great fun hanging out with those amazing guys! Raincheck very soon I hope! <3

3. Getting my hair done today as it is my day off work. Probably it will take many hours and I am thinking about getting more blonde highlighters or might even go straight platina blone ? Well, It is all up to my hairstylist to lead the way! I will follow his advices as always :)

4. I feel like I let my readers down a bit! Usually I do a lot of fashion analysis based upon my personal taste and from my own way of looking upon todays society with as always my academic fashion background as a true guidance! I will work on the logistics and work out some kind of schedule to get back to regular posting in a fashion sense that continues to make a difference and at the same time differs from plain traditional fashionbloggers! Promise/ xoxo