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United Arab Emirates - home sweet home

13 May 2019










What a magic place the mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE really is!

This world is so small, as a dear friend once wrote about love. Now, it strucks me that it is really true in so many ways. I have only been home about a month and during this time I have moved into a property owned by AIDA (Abu Dhabi Investment Authority) in Stockholm Sweden. This is the only property, or block, owned by AIDA in Sweden as they bought Sturegallerian AB many years back.

During my long vacations in UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) I have had the privilage to meet both members from the Al Nahyan and Al Maktoum families at for example Polo Tournaments and Forumla 1. To my experience, and as I know many emirates investors, they do have a special sense of business for real estate and at the very highest level. Although, they would be truly disappointed of what the responsible company in Sweden has done to this cultural building from the early 19th century that I have an apartment in. I do think it must be the worse kept property in all Sweden. Bad PR for a country I love so much, even though I am absolutely sure the owners know nothing about this, yet!

Well my family is working hard now to get things in motion and working endlessly to force a restoration of this highly protected cultural property and I am sure everything will be fixed, sooner or later :) I feel I live in my home from home in some way, as I miss UAE and all my wonderful friends living there and ofc the magic sunsets! xoxo









alice - back to reality

11 May 2019








After almost 10 months away from serious blogging it is time for Alice to get it together :)


Since fall 2018 I have travelled the world with no other mission than exploring the world and finding new aspects of myself  as in mindfulness. Mission accomplished I may add. Now, I have been back in Sweden for a couple of weeks. During these last weeks I have been moving to a new home and everything has been about packing and unpacking and making plans for renovation, refurnishing and decorations :) Well I just remember that in the middle of that moving chaos I enjoyed a short vacation in Maldives too :) Time flies, now the hour has come for me to:


1. Seek a job within the fashion industry of Stockholm 

2. Start fresh with this blog and take off where I finished last summer and provide deep analysis of fashion and trends from a academic perspecive as well as from a perspecive as being a true fashion passionista.


Sooo,  no more dreaming away and looking at my fingernails while nothing is a must in life :) Pure grinding is something I am really looking forward to get back to again! Strange as it may seem? xoxo





louis vuitton - ss2020 resort

10 May 2019








As I looked thru the new Louis Vuitton collection by Nicolas Ghesquière I felt immidiate - You truly keep thru to your beliefs. A Louis Vuitton collection by this master has always been a mix between heritage and craftsmanship on one side - on the other side technology, innovation and a look into the future. This collection is no exception to the rules that applies by Ghesquière. As I as always tend to look for signs from history or rather get a blast from the past - BANG - 1980s is strong now - although in a new interpretation. The women look soo strong and independent, yet so feminine. That is not always easy to mix and make to a success. You did it again Ghesquière! xoxo







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chanel - virginie viard - ss2020 resort

10 May 2019








The first collection for Chanel with its new creative director is this, Chanel ss 2020 Resort. Viard has been working closely with master Karl Lagerfeld for many many years. She began working with Lagerfeld at Chloé. For Chanel she has worked for over 20 years with Lagerfeld where she helt the position as studio direcor. It would be wrong of me to compare the two creative directors as they have worked toghether for so many years. Who is who and who did inspire the other one in what look?  What I can say is that there is much evidence in this collection in form of a rememberance of earlier collections by Lagerfeld. In that sence she is keeping Chanel as Chanel should be, bringing her own more feminine softness and ease as i do believe is reflecting her woman´s perspecive. I do love Viards first collection and her I present my top looks and top details! xoxo







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