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bye bye - for now!!!

23 November 2017








Bye bye, for now! No more posts here for a while! My flight takes off in an hour and tonight I will arrive in Dubai, my very special paradise on earth! I booked the tickets months ago and finally the day is here! I really need a vacation due to working so much lately. Ofc my lovely angel Angelica and I will have sooo much fun, as usual. Fingers crossed now that Angelica did not forget to call the cleaning lady, due to that I am really allergic to her cats in the apartment. Fingers also crossed that Abu Dhabi and Formula 1 will be a magic trip too! Laters! Love you all and remember: Be kind, always! xoxo





louis vuitton - giving is the greatest pleasure

23 November 2017







I started to plan gifts for all that I love for Christmas this year. Then I thought, what a fun thing it would be to just give away things from my wonderful world of Louis Vuitton? Christmas for me is that time of the year I feel a pure admost joy,  surrounded by all the people I love, friends and family. <3 I really thank my lucky star for being soo utterly blessed in life!

So many people and animals in this world are effected of crisis, war and pollution, seperated from family and friends with difficulties to see any hope for the future. Therefor, in addition to the usual Christmas gifts, I will make a donation to UNICEF for their work. I urge you to do the same! Give a donation for a cause you belive in. Never forget, Christmas is about giving! xoxo












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gucci - history thru innovation - mesmerized

22 November 2017









After being mesmerized by the wonderful images lately in media from the new GUCCI Gift campaign I was ooh soo excited to find out more about the artist and the creative process and story behind the GUCCI Gift Book 2017. I began my search at With great joy I discovered an interwiew about the "Illustrating the 2017 GUCCI Gift Book", as you can read quoted below:

"Ignasi Monreal began his creative collaboration for Gucci with a quirky fortune teller and weather forecaster that appeared in the first #GucciGram digital art project. Fast forward two years, and the young Spanish artist’s digital pen is behind 80 illustrations that feature in the 2017 Gucci Gift catalogue. Ignasi weaves Gucci accessories and ready-to-wear into artworks that tell spellbinding stories, layered with diverse influences, mixing classical mythology of Greece and Rome, Medieval alchemy, Renaissance paintings, with a dash of Spanish passion and abundance. Below the artist offers us a glimpse into his creative process.
Tell us about the idea for the book?
It’s Icarus. He fascinates me because of his story, which could be read a bit like a mantra I guess. If you fly too close to the sun, you're going to get burned. If you fly too low, you're going to drown in the sea. It feels quite bluntly obvious, but I find it quite timeless, and reassuring. You have to find the middle point to land on the other side. Its not a cosmic science, just a tricky human condition. The Icarus himself is a very romantic character and of course symbolic of everything young and pretty. Very East London!  I didn’t really plan in advance how the illustrations will play out in the book, but I guess they all now make sense in a narrative. Something like: The cover star Icarus approaches the sun, falls down and lands in the Gucci fashion heaven. 
How did you come up with settings and ideas for the product?
I usually come up with a story first, and then try to see if the specific product makes sense within this particular context, whether it feels believable. Sometimes it is not a very grand story, just a moment in time and place that has somehow stuck with me that I try to recreate in a new way. I guess its the juxtaposition of something very down to earth with a bit of myth and/or dash of Spanish abundance that makes the image fun, intriguing or interesting. I like my artworks to be aesthetically pretty of course, but I do wish that whoever is looking, gets the inside points as well.
How do you work?
I paint pictures on my computer, on Photoshop and using a tablet. Its all digital. I create my own brushes, because it feels more painterly to me then, less plastic. Maybe it also makes this digital gig slightly more personal? I’ve been painting for quite a long time now. I started digital because it felt cool, new and a bit nonchalant, the "fuss free" tool. I did some comic illustrations, but started to experiment quickly and mainly painted whatever was on my mind, which at that time were (including but not limited to): pop culture icons in embarassing situations, borderline inappropriate interpretations of classic paitinings, and other teenage fever dreams. I guess this somehow led me to fashion?
Can you tell us about these illustrations at the back of the book—your hand drawing?
It’s me drawing this book, and smoke is coming off because I've been painting so much. Ignasi means “fire”, the pencil is burnt, don’t feel very burnt out thou. Still in Gucci fashion heaven!"






Usually when I try to make my own interpretation of fashion in images, or paintings,  I tend to be a bit of a nerd in the way I make my analysis from my academical perspecive, ethnology and of coursd art and fashion science. It baffles my daily how much my studies at Stockholm University and my vurm for fashion portraits indeed really has changed my own approach when looking at fashion images or paintings. When I analyze these GUCCI images it takes infinitely longer for me now than it would have take before my academic studies.  I often, or mostly, use a method founded by Roland Barthes as a way to systematically analyze images. Barthes' theory lays upon his notions about two orders of designation. He calls these orders: denotation and connotation. In the second scheme, connotation, also includes myths and symbols. A myth in Barthes' sense is a story which within a culture explains or perceive any aspect of reality or nature. Barthes argues that a myth is culture's way of thinking about something; a way of explain something. The myth is denoted the importance of the second order, and the myths is the human need to put labels on things to understand them. The third way for the designation of the second degree Barthes calls for symbols. A sign becomes a symbol in the Convention and use obtained a significance that makes it stand for something else.

Theorist Hall explained that Barthes denotation is the simple, basic, descriptive level, where consensus is wide and most people would agree on the meaning. On the second level - connotation - are these signals / signs that we have been able to "decode" in a simple way by using our conventional conceptual classifications to read their meaning, giving a broader perspective through other types of codes - "fashion language" - which connects them to broader themes and meanings. These bind them with what we can call the wider semantic field in our culture: ideas about the "elegance", "formality", "simplicity" and "romance". The second order then, as in a wider meaning is no longer a descriptive level of obvious interpretation. Here we begin to interpret the completed signs in terms of social ideology - the general beliefs, conceptual frameworks and values ​​in society.

Just to describe one detail thru this system I give you one clear example in the GUCCI image with the cat as a human being: In that picture I thru "denotation" clearly see a boat burning in the picture. Everybody could agree upon that it actually is a boat and it is on fire. This is a fact! Thereafter as I come to the second level "connotation" I decode the meaning in a broader perspecive for example that the boat is in a dramatic situation and burning. Also that the artwork with painting the boat on fire is done is most natural. The second order also provides me with tools to, in a wider meaning, do interpretations by myself based upon myself as a cultural being. In this order I now come to: myths and symbols. Myths are the way I try to lable things to understand them. Why is the boat burning? What is its function in the painting or why did the artist even include the boat in the painting? Here my own interpretation is that the boat is burning in order to show, with this little detail, the entire image as having a connection to history. In modern time we do not use the tradition anymore of burning boats! I do not see any living person on the boat or in the water, so then who put on the fire? This make this new image have a natural connection to old historical paintings, painted many hundred years ago. Maybe a burning arrow was sent from ashore somewhere outside the picture, to set the boat on fire?  In the case of the burning boat I feel I must go ahead to the third way for the designation of the second degree, "symbols". "Symbols" are not always a way to see the picture, they are optional in Barthes method, but in this case "symbols" are clearly there. The boat as a sign becomes a symbol for me as the boat, as an object of significanse in the image, stands for something else or more than the obvious. For myself this boat is a symbol of fashion and how much fashion- and arthistory is relevant for a creative director in the innovation of fashion. If the boat was left out of the image, the image would only make references to being painted in modern time or today. But the burning boat, that part of history with references to a dead body being laid in a boat set on fire from a distance as for a funeral thru ancient history from different kind of traditions, makes the burning boat symbolic.  The burning boat in this image has a function of a symbol for me, a symbol that fashion is eternal and timeless and history and future are depending on each other to make our modern time understandable.

This is my way of enjoying these extraordinaly and magic images. What is your way?  xoxo






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a horse in the city

21 November 2017






I really miss having my own horse in the city of Stockholm. <3 When I got my first pony as a birthdaygift as I turned 12 years old, I kept her at Ryttarstadion which is situated a 10 minutes walk from my home near Stureplan. I could ride out for myself in the forests and meadows of wonderful Royal Djurgarden, even though I had to cross streets with traffic sometimes which was always a bit nerve wrecking. At one time my darling Gila got crazy on a bridge at Djurgarden with buses in front of us and behind us with horns on. I will never forget that day!!! I thought Gila was gonna fall over the brickwalls on the sides while she was rising with me on her back. She had a lot of temper my beloved Gila, maybe because she was of high breed, Shagya/Welsh? 

I think of her especially today because International Sweden Horse Show is coming up and I am sad to miss out on that event as being in Dubai then. One reason why I wanted to attend this year was to see the girl that took care of my pony for me (when Gila died so abrouptly be a bursted aorta). Amanda is actually competing in the FEI Pony dressage and earned that exclusive place (4 equipage) by qualifying. That cute girl, Amanda, was the last one riding my darling Gila. Amandas mother actually wrote us the week before Gila passed away and told us that Gila was too difficult for Amanda to ride, so they could not take care of her for us anymore. They would instead buy a well educated and easy horse for Amanda to ride. I do understand the choice that family made then, Gila was not an easy pony to ride. Gila was wild and had a temper of her own, with everyone except for myself. We were a match made in heaven and riding a horse like her daily for years made me a very good dressage rider, or as our A-trainer at Hogsta said once: I was the best dressage young rider she ever seen, although on the wrong horse for dressage, haha! Anyway, I would not trade Gila for a FEI champion horse for the world then!!! Gila was my first love and she has a very special place in my heart forever! We were the best of friends and companions and we will meet one day again in some other place.<3

I am now constantly thinking of buying me a new horse, but I am currently working too much :( Although,  I do think in a year or two I will have found my place in life and then: Well hello there my new best friend!!! xoxo





the scent of luxury

18 November 2017








Being fashionable is not just about clothes and accessoires, it is also about perfumes. The way people sense you and how you want to be presented in that specific area! For myself I often get positive feedback, not just about my personal style, often also about how wonderful I smell. My secret? Well, I smell of the wonderful Orient <3 Earlier this year I received some wonderful fragrances from Saudi Arabia in a beautiful large wooden box. No tags and no heritage written out anywhere.  The beautiful crystal bottles and the fragrances themselves talked straight to my heart. After that gift I turned a bit of a fragrance nerd :) Nowadays I am very picky about smelling good so I prefer to use those high quality fragrances from a handful suppliers in the entire world. Although, I must add that there are perfumes available in Sweden too that I alter with sometimes. Those are Byredo and the scent "Oud Immortal" and ofc the wonderful Louis Vuitton fragrances where my personal favourites are "Matiére Noire", "Apogée" and "Rose des Vents". 

Today is a Saturday best spent for me working at Louis Vuitton. Why not stop by and discover the wonderful scents and what an amazing gift for a very special lady, a wonderful LV fragrance in a custome made LV box? xoxo










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a look in the future - and - a summery

12 November 2017









As I look into the future all I focus on is that I am just a week away from a looong needed vacation with my bestie Angelica in Dubai. Ofc, she will not be free all the time, due to work at Emirates, but we have booked a boattrip to Abu Dhabi to watch the Formula 1.  This is the third vacay this year for me when it comes to travelling to Dubai, one of my favourite places on earth! Pure magic! <3

Then a short summery: Job wise I have been at the Louis Vuitton HQ in Bruxelles the entire week :) Soo much fun and so fulfilling in many ways <3

A weekend summery then when I am at it: Well, last night was partynight and we ended up at Grand Hotel with a bunch of players from Colorado Avalanche. We hang out all night/morning until just before they had to leave for the airport. Great fun, although I must add that they did have some posh attitude that did not get my approvement at all, so I decided just to sneek away. Maybe hockey is so big in Canada and America and that is what makes them brag and stuff? I have hanged out with a whole lot of NHL players from Europe recently, as one in Bostons Bruins that is a czech player, much more fun with a great sense of humour and healthy modesty. Although, I do feel I should not be judging as they all probably have girls hunting them and that might cause them to loose their manners, haha! As for me, I am not that kind of girl at all!!!! On the contrary, I am the one hard to catch, almost impossible! ;)  xoxo





Picture of me in beautiful Dubai earlier this year. 


being the right alice?

07 November 2017







Sometimes I so wonder if I am actually the right Alice? Am I the Alice I really want to be? Well, I do think so! :) I have surely not lost my muchness or was more muchier before! Maybe this year is just a year inbetween, and inbetween can be a really good thing too. All depending on what is on each one of the other sides. Well my inbetween is: On one side the earlier days that was completed with an academic degree and an exame that was finished this year and on the other side of time - the post-academic journey that just has begun. I was supposed to be in LA-LA-Land by now, although those plans had to be postponed for a while due to that I got an awesome job at LV and also that my mother (who had a major stroke 2016) still needs my help on a daily basis. So, what am I trying to get to with this? Well, inbetween can be lovely too and when I think of it, I would not change this time in life for anything else <3






I feel that I have always been the right Alice, but maybe the wrong Alice in haters eyes :) I am surely strong and I am surely making my own way in life based upon being curious, kind and always trying to better myself and the world around me. If the roses are not red as I wanted them to be, it is just up to me to make them red. My parents gudiance in life has always been that I can be whatever I want to be. It´s really just up to me! I do already know what I value in my personality, and in others too: Being kind, being creative, having a strong drive and always be independent in choices and strive to be a better person, daily. One thing I have thought about a lot lately is that maybe it is because I am an only child, as I do love being on my own and doing things for myself. I love being surrounded by people that I love, I also love meeting new people - At the samt time I also do love being all by myself and having that space for solitude in a positive way. <3






Last week someone told me: Alice you are soooo wild and a real party princess always on the move with laughter in your face and body! Well, that is ofc true! I party a lot and dancing on the tables are not something unfamiliar either :) Actually, I would surely love to cut down on that part of my life for something deeper. Let me tell you like it is: I rather take someones special hand and walk thru life together! This is my feelings in this moment of life! I trust in that someday I will meet that person <3 






Life is a merry dance :) And there is nothing wrong in daring to be different, on the contrary!!! Life has never haunted me and I do think life is like a book, soo many chapters to enjoy! For me: Chapter 1 (childhood) and Chapter 2 (becoming an adult) is already finished with the admost joy :) Sooo, many Chapters left that I want to make the best of! So, watch out: Sooo much more is coming! Love xoxo




in need of inspiration - mrs alice

02 November 2017









As I currently are going thru the forth day of being sick home from work ever in life, I am in great need of inspiration. What better inspiration than my absolute favourite instagram account, MrsAlice :) In the future, if I am floating into a dream of lifegoals: What better way to live than with my very own amazing lovely family surrounded by horses and hounds while working within the fashion industry? Just like MrsAlice: I like to be a MrsAlice in the future, haha! <3 

What´s up besides this? Well, I have been sleeping away my high fever this entire day and hope to be well very soon as I will fly to Louis Vuitton HQ in Bryssels on Sunday afternoon, where I will spend upcoming week. I am also dreaming about an interview about my thesis about CrownPrincess Victorias dress choices, especially as the Nobel Banque is coming up soon. The thesis you can find here!

Life in general for me feels like I am truly utterly blessed <3  So bye bye for now as I am about to continue with my dreams into the la-la-land of Mrs Alice! xoxo






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