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santa - look here

22 November 2018











Santa (Yes daddy, you heard me), I have been a good girl or year long! Please do not forget to let a little red packet involving a Cartier Love Bracelet slide down my chimney this year! xoxo















best christmas campaign

15 November 2018









#NoPalmOilChristmas. You must know about how the human use of palmtrees destroy our planet and the abilitly for many species to survive. Palmtree oil is a substance in everything imaginable from shampoo to ketchup. I have written about being concious about this before on this blog, as in this post from 2017, link here!

Now, a wonderful and soo important Christmas campaign has melted my little heart <3  I am soo moved and feel a need to share it with you here! It has nothing to do with fashion you might add? Well, I write about my lifestyle too you see. And my choice has for many years been to avoid products with palmtree oil as an ingredient and also cutting down on eating read meat. Everyone can make their own however small choices, to make the world a better place and kept for the future generation. These two choices are my main ones. What do you contribute with? xoxo





superfly for fall - coats

14 November 2018






Coats from Fendi and GUCCI




Even though it seems I might not spend this winter in cold Europe, I still will fly back and forth to some extent. I do already have all the jackets and furs I need, now I am in the search of a long-term friend in the shape of a classic coat. I was searching on-line for inspiration and ideas at Net-a-Porter. What do you think about these to choose from, superfly are they not? xoxo

(Btw, still on vacation so serios fashion blogging with analysis, as what the trends will be for ss2019, will wait until December)




Coats from Valentino and Balenciaga


All images from Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.


destination miami

13 November 2018








Off to the airport again - Destination Miami :) This vacation with my father starts off at Lagomar, where I have not stayed for about 15 years. Catch u again at that resort that has so much to offer when it comes to activities and ofc the sense of having such a huge private beach. Sometimes you may walk the beach when the sun sets without a person in sight. Tranquility as I have never seen a more private huge place with its very own enourmous beach like this. We will be staying there for a couple of days and then switch to Bal Harbour that is more about modern luxury and celeb kind of hotel. Sweet is it not, to get the best of two worlds?

Love Miami, although I am not sure I can call Miami my second home anymore as Dubai seems to compete about that place in my heart nowadays. Laters Gators! xoxo










happy father´s day

11 November 2018









Today I celebrate my father, my rock! He is one of those fathers that are all about family and spreading love and joy constantly <3 That might not be so frequent nowadays with a family father that combines hard work and career with daily quality time with his children? As I grew up my father went from being a DJ to working with cars (exclusive cars and old muscle cars). I do think music and cars has always been his passions in life. Therefor we have always had a DJbooth at home and a variety of old and new cars due to season :) He has also always been a bit of a rascal. Going against the flow and being a bit naughty, hehe! I have soo many stories about him to just tell a few:


- He taught me how to drive at age 4. I was sitting in his lap drivning a muscle car where our county house is. At this time I do think it was the Plymouth RoadRunner 69´ 440 sixpack or the Dodge Charger 68´with a 426 Hemi. I was a genious from childhood recognizing cars, well taught by my father as we always went to muscle cars meetings all over Sweden.

-As I was little I was all into tennis. Everyday after dads work, often late evening/night we went out in the neighboorhood playing tennis at the schoolyard. We also bought special french cheeses from a local posh cheese store at Sibyllegatan and hided those bits at the schoolyard to the rats:) At least until the local newspaper (Östermalmsnytt) wrote about at a ratinvasion at the schoolyard.

-As I started to be interested in horses and got my first own horse on my 12th birthday, daddy walk the horse and cuddle it and took care of it everyday after work. Even though he was so scared and my little shagaya arab was a wild creature in every sense. All for his daughter.

-As me and my friends started going to a teenager disco, my father was always there for security. He took a limousine or hummer from work and collected all my friends from all over town and left us off at Elverket. He waited outside those few hours until the disco closed. After, he drove all the children to make sure they made it home safely after midnight. 

- I also remember that our family always had a sense of "everybody is welcome". For instance I remember a Halloween party when I was about 7 years old. As my family is well connected, we got to use the English Embassey in Stockholm for that party. We invited ALL the kids around my age from school, and I am talking about 60 kids!! All these kids arrived at the Embassey while the parents was refuses to enter due to diplomatic and security rules and left the kids at the gates. This is one thing with my family, always welcoming and generous. 



Well well, a walk down memory lane from a wonderful upbringing in the best of familys. I could not ask for more as I always had uncondintional love. I am that kind of person that always tend to go all-in with my interests in life and I have always been supported by my family. Now I am off for a dinner at my grandparents. Today is "Happy father´s day" so we have to celebrate my wonderful grandpa too.  I do expect a traditionl Swiss Fondue for dinner tonight! Laters beeps! xoxo







touchdown sweden

10 November 2018








As I has arrived in Stockholm I realize it is just a touchdown and then it is kickoff again. A few days here and then off for Miami on Tuesday morning. You might ask yourself, did she get her mojo back in life as was the purpose of some months of vacation in Dubai? Well, she has! The vacation has cleared her mind and helped her in what paths to take in life. Now Alice has not only a plan A, she also has a plan B and C. Just in case :) Stay tuned dudes! xoxo



sunday - bumday

04 November 2018












Sunday equals Bumday! For me this Sunday is working out on running the treadmill, lifting weights and chillin poolside :) I have not briefed you enough on this site, although I might add I am actually still on vacation :) Serious fashionupdates and analysis to keep this site legit will have to wait until I am truly "back to business"!

Short update: I have had 4 close friends visiting me here in Dubai and from yesterday I am all on my own again. I have sooo many awesome friends here in Dubai and I never thought I would get into such close friendships in just a few months. Grateful! Yesterday was all about birthday celebrations out, starting off with a wonderful dinner at Beef Bar Dubai, heavenly! I just keep smiling and the goals for this trip, energyboost and mindfulness, is achieved maximus. Never felt so good and in harmony with life ever ever before! Be cool ya all out there and remember: Be kind, always! xoxo











louis vuitton - keepall - my top 3

03 November 2018










I got a question this week about my choice of Louis Vuitton bags for men and especially the model "Keepall". So, I thought I might as well answer here, although I do not work at Louis Vuitton currently :). These are my absolute top 3, available now! Fierce and cool for the right dude I have in mind for the question! Or, if you wanna be first with the latest, choose the new plastic Keepall in vibrant colors by Virgil Abloh for ss2019. Soon in stores! Wanna see them: Well check them out while watching the entire menswear show for ss 2019 down below. Legit! xoxo








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getting my mojo back

02 November 2018









There is something in this wonderful Dubai that truly agrees with me! Never felt so in harmony and never ever before been so utterly loving life! What do I do at this hot desert location. I take sun and eat and take sun and eat and then again and again and again, on repeat :) In between I do train a lot and ofc shake my ass off, or to perfection, daily! Not many weeks left in paradise before touchdown Stockholm. Although, that is just touchdown for a couple of days before takeoff - destination Miami! Life is a journey and what better way to exploring it then by travelling? Later dudes! xoxo