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shy - yet, let me tell your whats on my mind

17 October 2017








These things are on my mind currently! 


First, matters of the heart! I know I am not easy and I definitely know I am not a basic bitch. I do take love very seriously and see no point of dating anyone I can not imagine myself with endlessly <3 I have many guys as friends, with no benefits I might add whatsover, maybe because with guys it is more fun less drama and competition? Anyway, I have not had a boyfriend for years even though I have had deep feelings for someone! Life is a journey and my heart will find is match when destiny finds its way, I do trust in that! xoxo

Second, life currently! Working a lot and working out a lot :) Buisiness as usual with the little time off best spent with family and close friends. Pure love for everyone in my closest circle! Even though I might not say it as much as I should: You mean the world to me! <3

Third, future plans! For know I am already planning Christmas :) I want the entire package and sometimes I think I go back to being a child come Nov each year! This Christmas it seems to be celebrations at our place. A whole lot of family members, Korinths and Al Fakirs as usual, with great food, many laughters, lots of children and games ofc! On this subject I might add that you must see this documentary series from Finland "They call us immigrants" made by Peter (who also works at TV4). It has got such awesome reviews and I do think it is time for Swedish TV to produce such a series with him. Immigraton is such a big topic on todays political agenda and if anyone got the legitimity and abilitly to move people in this area, its Peter! <3 Follow link here!

Thats all folks!!! And remember, be good always! xoxo





Old picture of me in my teens while working for Martina Bonnier (Damernas värld) Dress Lars Wallin Couture and hat from Malinda Damgaard.



erdem x h&m - lovely

13 October 2017









Still a couple of weeks left until the release of the collection by Erdem x H&M :) These are the fashionpieces that I do want so much for myself! If you want to learn more about the collaboration, discover the first look from the collection and know the prices follow link here to Vogue! xoxo






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who´s a dumb blonde?

13 October 2017







Yesterday GUCCI made a stand againt fur! I simple love when fashioncompanys take responsibility in different areas :) On the other hand fur is not my personal way of taking stand, instead I choose my very own way. I use fur, but I do not use fur that could have produced in a process where the animals was tortured for their skins, therefor I avoid fur from rabbits, wolves, foxes and seals for example. I eat meat and use products made of leather, but I try to be more aware of my choices in thoses areas too. I try to educate myself about our planet and the enviromental issus as best as I can, therefor I have made my own principles to follow, as above about fur! But also in the area of eating meat. I have many friends who are vegan, I am not! I try to eat more chicken and only from chickens that are from Sweden and that are living freely outdoors. I also have goals to eat read meat only a few times a month from local producers in order to make sure that the cows for example are not transported a long disctance and also that they are living outside freely eating grass. This choices are quite easy to make in Sweden, especially as the food is so well tagged in different ways.:)

As I saw the movie "Before the Flood" I added one more rule to make my own personal stand: I do avoid palmtree oil!!! The reason why? Look at the movie and discover how much the plantations of palmtrees in order to produce oil are done at the expense of a whole rainforest and for that our entire planet. Palmtree oil exists in everything from ketchup to soap, so I always look at the table of contents of all products just to make sure! 

Everybody can make an effort for this planet, choose your very own personal way! Educate yourself in the subject and be sure that every effort counts! xoxo





train to gain

11 October 2017








Currently struggling with time! Pure grinding in other words and life do feel like preparing for a fight! :) Learn as much as you can, train and train all the time, stay focused  - all in order to achive success towards your goals in life. Therefor this site is not as deep in its fashion analysis as it should be and I do apologize for this. I could quit this site for good, but I do hope I will find time to return with posts better than ever in a near future. :)

Still working at Louis Vuitton and loving it <3 As I already told you I will be at the Louis Vuitton HQ in Brussels for a week in the beginning of Nov. Later in Nov it is time for an extended vacation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with Angelica with a visit at Formula 1. After that all Dec is about work and Christmas preparations :)

Everything good in life comes to them who stay on the path of being the best person they can be, nothing new in this! That is why my main rules of success in life is knowledge, creativity and staying humble. Kindness is underrated and therefor I always surround myself with people who has their hearts in the right places. I do love my life so far, so I will continue on this path towards success careerwise as well as keeping my personal life completely drama free and always with gratitude and love in my heart! xoxo









louis vuitton ss2018 - mesmerized

03 October 2017







As I finished work today at Louis Vuitton, we stayed at the office to enjoy the show together with a glass of champagne :) You might think I have an extra friendly eye towards the collection by Nicolas Ghesquière due to working at Louis Vuitton myself? No way Jose, this site is my very very own true fashionstory :) Maybe it is some magic flowing in the air that are not describle for humans that make me think that this collection is the best of all RTW SS2018 soo far, or it might just be a fact? I do adore it and I do desire so many looks for myself, maybe the whole collection if greedy was my in my nature :) I do love the comeback of the ooh sooo historical garment thru fashion history, the doublet! You must know by now that I am a sucker for - as being a fashion scientist -  fashion history, heritage, craftmansship and innovation - all combined that are factors that creates desire. If I would choose 3 garments on a wishlist for my birthday up-coming spring it would be: 1. The leatherjacket 2. The grey/blue doublet and finally 3. That wonderful metallic silver flurry dress with a bare back.

This collection is truly mesmerizing! <3







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chanel on a tuesday

03 October 2017







I did really like this collection and I think it talks to me extra much because it is sooo much Gabrielle. I love that Karl Lagerfeld take the "see thru" perspecive to another level. How tired am I of all dresses and looks where the underwear and cameltoe is showing in full? Why wanna go out all dressed up for a fab party in a beautiful gown where the focus turns to what you are wearing under it? Therefor I do love the idea of "see thru" in a more modest and modern form as in this collection. I also do love the references and feelings of the fab 20-30s :) Another thing that hit me is the poses: The female models feels so strong and fierce visually, although mainly styled with looks in bright and pastel colors! Smashing combo for me! xoxo






All pictures from collection Chanel ss2018 at Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.



catwalk - ss2018 - monday update

02 October 2017







This is my choice of best looks from the monday catwalks! Love em, faaab! xoxo



John Galliano


Stella McCartney




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a paris fashion weekend

01 October 2017








Elie Saab


Paris Fashion Week continues and really makes me looong for next spring/summer with all the wonderful collections. Here I present looks from this weekend of catwalks, looks I really would love to wear myself! xoxo







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