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On the catwalks - ss2018 - update

29 September 2017






Isabel Marant


Dries Van Noten


Here are the looks from the recent catwalkdays that are fashion I want to wear myself up-coming spring/summer! Lovely! xoxo







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Paris Fashionweek - Part I

27 September 2017





Saint Laurent


Paris has opened up its fashionweek in a very strong manor! The Saint Laurent collection was out of this world <3 I can not think of one look that I would not die for to get to wear! But on the other hand, a dead body does not make the look great at all I think? :) On this subject I want to turn from the absolutely fab collection by Saint Laurent that was so on fleek and turn to discuss the choice of models. With those ubersexy looks that really puts a womens legs in focus, why choose so many models with horrible legs? There were so many fashionmodels that was too thin and lean with legs that showed off no beauty or sexiness at all, just boney and crooked. As I present some of my fav looks here, I had to exclude some looks from being posted due to legs that damaged the whole visual sensation of the created magical fashion. Maybe there was an actual choice in the presentation to show off ugly legs, to make a story that everybody could wear these looks no matter how the legs look or everyone it beautiful in his/her own way? Well, I do not think so! The world of fashion is still about beauty and that is one of the reason it has such a big place in me! Call my superficial! :) xoxo





Christian Dior


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dolce & gabbana - ss2018 - milan

24 September 2017






This is my choice of best looks from the Dolce & Gabbana collection for ss2018. It seems to me as I look back on this site that I always give room for the collections that always seems to get a grip of my fashionheart. Those collections get their very own posts :) Due to lack of time as you already know, I just present the looks for now without a analysis from a fashion science academic perspective. From Milan I have my top fashion houses as GUCCI, Dolce & Gabbana and Etro. From London it always tend to be Alexander Mcqueen, Vivianne Westwood and Mulberry and from Paris: Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel and Saint Laurent. Especially in these days as the creative designers of these mentioned fashion houses are such fashion magicians! xoxo





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milan - update II - ss2018

23 September 2017










This is my favourite collections so far in this update from Milan. There is something with italian fashion that I probably have got from early childhood. I was bullied all through my childhood. There was always a reason to bully me. I figured out in my teens that the problem was inside the ones who needed to put down others in order to be noticed themselves. When I was a little child I was bullied as I remember with words as: You are fat! or: Alice is wearing soo strange clothes! (I used a lot of Young Versace and Roberto Cavalli etc. age 4-12 with vibrant colors, animalprints or all black and a lot of leather and fake fur). When I turned into my teens the bullying shifted focus. I have always been kind and cute, maybe also the one boys fell for and in the teens the method from the other girls shifted from straight attacs into exclude me in everything. I do think I was the one in everybodys spotlight, althought treated like I was invisible during my early teens. Soo, therefor perhaps I still today choose to have soo many great friends of the opposite sex in all ages :) No drama, no jealousy, kindness and not so much bullshit! Soo, back to fashion now! I do love fashion, I do love to dress for myself and if mainstream and going with the flow is fashion, my personal style will always be out of fashion! xoxo





Bottega Veneta




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friday @ louis vuitton

22 September 2017





Louis Vuitton


Friday I will return to work at Louis Vuitton. Being sick and away from a job for the first time in my life ever feels a bit awkward. Did not know if I should call in everyday (3 days) or if there is any form to sign about being sick as one returns to work? Anyway 3 days with fever and spending all hours in bed has at least got me to find time to update me in the world of fashion! A bit sad I missed out on our "Trunk event" Thursday evening :/ A bit sad that I will not be able to attend the "Volvo event" that Louis Vuitton has been invited to Friday evening :/ The things that have been mostly positive this week is: 1. I finally got my first Swiss passeporte and ID-card in the mail. 2. On Saturday morning it is time for the trip to London with my beloved father 3. I guess there will be some serious shopping in the U.K the upcoming days :) That´s all folks! Have a great weekend! xoxo



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italian fashion - update ss2018

22 September 2017










As being home sick I do find some time, when I am not sleeping, to keep myself updated in the world of fashion and Milan is this week the fashion centre of the world. These are so far the best collections from last day. Italy still feels very strong in its idea of modern fashion with a look in the future as well as with a blast from the past or heritage! Love it! xoxo







Max Mara



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bravissima: alessandro michele!!!

20 September 2017










Now, as one of the absolute genious creative designer of our time, Alessandro Michele, has shown his collection for GUCCI ss2018 in Milan I reflect upon it here. First and foremost, I am not disappointed at all even though this post is not as me in astonishment as ususal after his presentation of his collections!  I tend to look upon the more subtile fashion as the prime looks of this collection. I did a forecast on this blog a couple of months ago about up-coming global fashion movements and ideas such as: Sleeves with fur (here mink cuffs), waistbags/fanny packs, check patterns, more animalprints and strong vibrant metallic colors. In this collection I prefer these looks above, as the pieces of metallic was a bit too much for me (primarly in cuts). I do love that GUCCI is getting a bit more mature and classic, a fact that I think will go well with the customers of today. I was soo tired of some of the prints and badges all over wonderful garments (although still on fleek on accessoires). I must say, Michele has that magic fingers and mind that in some strange way makes me always feel like he has read my thoughts about modern fashion and beauty and made a collection all for me! Ofc, I know that is not true at all, it is just that he grabs my fashionheart every season in some strange new way! xoxo


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bedtime stories

20 September 2017






The story of today is told from the bedside! Current status is staying home sick with fever and a very sour throat :/ I called in sick yesterday and I do think this is the very first time ever in my life that I have missed out on a day at work. Still fever this morning as I woke up, so current position is laying in my bed. I do hope to get well soon and takes all sorts of vitamines and veggies to boost my chance to get back to work asap. Tomorrow we have an event at Louis Vuitton and I really feel that I can not be sick for that too. Fingers crossed I will be back at work tomorrow Thursday and also be well enough to take the flight for London on Saturday morning! Laters xoxo





recently @ catwalks - ss2018

20 September 2017





Julien Macdonald


Emilia Wickstead


Today I went thru all the recent collections ss2018 from the catwalks. These are my choosen collections and the looks from them that I would love to wear myself next spring/summer. There where also collections I felt very fashion forward and lovely but not wearable for myself. I really liked the collections from for example Gareth Pugh and Mary Katrantzou. Although not represented here as I for now just present looks for myself out of personal flavour! xoxo



Amanda Wakeley


Marques' Almeida




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nyfw - final update II

16 September 2017






Coach 1941



This is just a little update from NYFW ss2018 :) As usual this is looks I want to wear myself from the best collections out of personal taste! xoxo



Jenny Packham




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louis vuitton - thoughts of the day

16 September 2017





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When you read the largest financial newspaper in Sweden, Dagens Industri (Todays Industry), and find an article about hertitage in fashion in connection to your employer Louis Vuitton a smile tends to appear on your face. I really liked to see that double page article in a swedish financial paper. The article by Di:s Caroline Åkerlund had a title was spot on:"Arvegods" (freely translated into english as: Inherited goods). Åkerlund gets back to basic and the heritage of travelgoods and trunks, as she has based her story upon her interview with Patrick Louis Vuitton. A short article about facts!

Why I liked the article, being in that kind of newspaper, is that its outside the tradional relation between fashion and media. Fashionmedia itself and the difference/gap between editors, journalists and the advertisers influence is a whole other story. Kawamura has his ideas on the subject and I agree. I do think this blurred relation of interests is one of the major reason papers are losing readers, both on-line and on traditional paper. People want storys, people should be considered intelligent readers and as so in want to be able to read well done articles that challenges and provides something new in the debate of today.  I know I do not really have time in my busy schedule for deep analysis. Although, I feel I have to! Especially as I am currently preparing a speech at Louis Vuitton about cross-selling in a couple of weeks.

I once again return to what I have learned at Stockholm University. Not so much to my studies in fashion, rather to my studies in ethnology. Ethnology, for those of you who are not familiar with the word, is the branch of anthropology that compares and analyzes the characteristics of different peoples and the relationship between them. I studied ethnology fulltime for 1,5 years and focused in my studies on the area abot the human creation of appearence, image and identity. (My personal thoughts about this subject is that it really is the basic for work within fashion journalism, PR and Marketing and the courses could, together with more head-on practial courses, change and really improve the Media, PR and Marketing world of business today and in the future).

Now, back to cross selling thoughts of today. As a client advisor I of course have knowledge about the fashion house and its heritage, the creative processes by the creative directors and their teams, the collections, the innovations and the craftmansship. That is the basic knowledge, nothing new in this. Then we come to the meeting with different presumtive customers. Customers come into luxury stores for many different reasons. Someones wanna look around and breath-in the luxury atmosphere, someones has already a fixed product in mind and someones are open for suggestions to improve and express themselves through fashion and seeks advices in that area. Humans has all through history expressed themselves thru fashion. Fashion is the visualization of image, identity, class, gender, nationality etc etc. So, as a client advisor I always strive to do my best as to be attentive, curious, perceptive and creative while putting the customers desires in focus.  Desires as related to the analytical concepts that I mentioned a few above. I ask myself in meetings with customers; What desires can I fulfill for this particular customer? I always try to "blank" myself from first-impression thoughts and try hard to let our interaction rule the sale instead. In the area of luxury goods there is also many thesis throughout history that is adaptable on selling that lingers in the back of my head. As for exampel the immitation theory by George Simmel (b1858). To put it short: If you imagine the world of people as culture social beings in the connextion of fashion, you might visualize it as a ladder. People want to have rolemodels, people want to strive up that ladder. Luxury goods is such an amazingly large area of desire fulfillment. But, where are you on this ladder? Are you trying to follow and get what others already has on your way up, or are you already on the top of the ladder and now trying to differ yourself from the other climbers? As I interact as a client advisor this theory is very useable. I have so many theories in my academic background and they truly help me daily. I want the customers to trust in me to fulfull their luxury desires based upon their innerselves and this I think this is why cross-selling is a thing that I am really good at. 

My most memorable sell is from a previous employment in luxury sales and that sale can serve a purpose as a great example. I had a lovely old lady as a customer who came into that store in search of a leather bag. A classic leatherbag was all she had in mind. As we talked and discussed her passions in life, I found she was soo into English gardens. She loved roses and vibrant colors! After choosing a leatherbag I asked her if she wanted to join me into the other room in the store to show her the new collection from the creative designer? I showed her a beautiful bomberjacket in silk with wonderful roses in lovely colors. A bomberjacket for an old lovely lady! She put the jacket on and smiled. I think I almost did see a tear in her eye as she looked upon herself in the mirror with that jacket on. She felt absolutley beautiful! That was a cross-sale based upon interacting with, and seeing, the customer in my strive to fulfill her desires. Although over a year ago this is a memorable moment for me! <3

That´s all on this subject for now. I still have to figure out how to make my cross-selling speech and message less formal and less academic and easy to understand. Still a couple of weeks left, so much time left to do work on it! xoxo




My pictures of the article mentioned in this post.



nyfw - ss2018 - update I

12 September 2017





Sally Lapointe


Zadig & Voltaire


Not so much revolutionary with this update in terms of NYFW presenting new overwhelming fashion from my point of view. On the other hand I instead choose to show some very wearable and fresh looks from collections selected from my personal taste. Enjoy xoxo



Anna Sui





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nyfw - ss18 - best looks

11 September 2017





Tom Ford



Do not get your hopes up, yet! I still have no time for serious fashion blogging with analysis and trend forcasting! As I went thru all the fashionshows from NYFW for spring/summer 2018, I just might as well share my thoughts about those days. These collections was the ones I was most impressed with. (I went through them all, belive me). Not much new is happening at N.Y fashionscene was my immediate feeling. Althought, I must say that Tom Ford made a collection right up my alley, presented in N.Y. it felt like urban city life in London or Paris as well as N.Y. I love the collection, maybe because I am a sucker for Vaccarello and Saint Laurent? Do not get me wrong, this is a modern style although I feel iconic pieces from fashionhistory has been taken in consideration. Beautifully! 

Then I will come to the collection that really was fashion to me, Calvin Klein! Raf Simons is a special genius in the global world of fashion. Lots of fashion feels mainstream in its approach to gender and class, garments cuts and the designers contemporary voice. Not Raf Simons, his collection breathes modernity and is so fab created and also pitch perfect in styling. Urban, young and fresh! But most of all, fashion forward!!! 

That´s all for now folks! Sorry, for not having time for more deep analysis!  I will be back one day with much more blogging on regular basis, but as you know; I WNBRB! xoxo




Calvin Klein 205W39NYC



Cushnie Et Ochs



Victoria Beckham



Diane von Furstenberg



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lvmh and kering - love this!

07 September 2017









The global fashionindustry and the leading multicompanys has such a major part of creating the future of fashion in so many areas. One of them is the view on the body that fashion is being attached to. As I remember, it was Joanne Entwistle thought of fashion that a garment is just a garment, until a body get dressed up in a garment and this combined becomes fashion. Garments (or accessoires) needs bodies for the creation of fashion! The fact that LVMH and Kering have drawn up a charter on working relations with fashion models and their well-being are a breakthru and a step in the right direction of more healthy models in the fashionindustry and also a special care for the youngest models. I do love this and I am ofc especially proud to have being employed by LVMH. Read the pressrelease, the charter here! xoxo





travel lifestyle - update

05 September 2017









My last update it about travelling! In the end of september I will travel to London with my father, a regular trip we do together a couple of times every year for some serious shopping and some daddy/daughter alone time. Precious moments <3

You must know by now that I do love to travel and Dubai have a very special place in my heart. So, for the third time this year I just booked a week in the end of november, wiie! Not so many tickets left when I booked my flights yesterday. as I always travel there with my favourite airline company, Emirates. Nothing beats Emirates when flying: Suberb food, excellent staff and such professionalism with everything! Love em :) Dubai has so much to offer, first of all ofc that my bestie Angelica lives there <3 But there is such more in Dubai as the beautiful beaches, amazing adventures, shopping, food, climate and all the friendly people living in Dubai. This time I do think we will rent a car and drive to Abu Dhabi as I got an invitation to Formula 1. Maybe we will book some hotel in Abu Dhabi or live on a friends boat? Angelica has her apartment in Dubai, but I am sure we want to stay in Abu Dhabi and not travel back and forth the entire week.  Soo Dubai, soon we meet again! <3








a royal fashion icon - crown princess victoria

05 September 2017









I am soo truly impressed with Crown Princess Victorias very own amazing style :) I am also sooo very proud if I took a small part in the development of her royal style that now renders headlines in so many different foreign and domestic media as for example: Crown Princess Victoria is a Royal fashion icon, Crown Princess Victorias dress explains exactly why she´s the ultimate Royal Style Icon and Crown Princess Victoria Borrowed Queen Silvia's Dress From the '70s, and It's Damn Stylish. (This is just a small selection of recent headlines this month)

As I started writing on my essay during fall 2016 it was exactly this I dreamed of to accomplish and be a small part of. I was in a mission with a thought that an academic research of the Crown Princess way of dressing would improve it and put the Crown Princess in the spotlight as a royal fashion icon. I know for a fact that the Crown Princess herself would read my research and essay in full. My hidden agenda was for the Crown Princess to develop her very own style in order to look her absolutely most wonderful, but also in order that she thru her fashion choices would be able to get more media and public attention to her Royal duties and Sweden, but also in order to be that Royal front figure for the enviromental issues so very close to her heart and of admost importance for our planet and its future. It is amazing how much fashion science as a subject actually is about PR, Marketing and Branding in many if its courses, even though it is not labeled that way and therefor quite unknown for people outside the academic circles.

You can find the essay here! The final version of the essay has been cut down for many different reasons. For example the drafts contained writings about my suggestions to that the Crown Princess should start wearing vintage that was discussed during my interviews at the Royal Castle. The reason for this cut down was that vintage was not in the interest of her stylist, who actually questioned my suggestion that a Crown Princess should wear clothes that others has used before! Now, I am absolutely thrilled as our Crown Princess show a great sense of her very own style! The change is enormous this during this last year, and that is the true reason she is becoming a style icon now. As I suggested in my essay: She is using more patterns and colors. Her style also consist of more sustainable clothes then ever and she has been starting to use vintage on a regular basis. Mostly I am proud that she dared to do this bold fashion choices that makes her stand out, which I know for certain was not a strategy as I started working on the essay. As always it seems that when our Crown Princess puts her heart into something, she is brilliant! Crown Princess Victoria is on not just our Royal fashion icon, she is also a great rolemodel! So very proud of her, and myself maybe too a little bit for my contribution in the dark. xoxo







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