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As a person - both in private and professional - I do think my main features is being happy, social, kind, curious and energyboosting with a drive to spread positive vibes around me and always be including. My university studies, careers and private life is focused on my passion - creating desire by luxury consumption and lifestyle. I am from january 2021 open for new work opportunities.

From fall2020 - I decided to take my fashionjourney in a new direction - or at least boost my current one - with the advanced academic Curator education at Stockholm University. It has been a struggle, although so fulfilling and being highly motivated was truly the success factor - as I combined studies at fulltime with regular work within the fashion industry. 

Late summer 2018 - summer of 2019 -  I was on a inspirational tour of the world and grew in more ways then one by discovering new cultures and strengthen my personal self. I had at that time just finished my second fixed contract in a row at Louis Vuitton and knew I was always welcome back. So, I made a decision to travel the world - Miami, Marbella, Maldives, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Russia and Britain. All in order to find new inspiration and get my mojo back to figure out future paths in life. A wise choice as I look now look back.

About my education  - Jan 2017 I took my BA in Fashion Studies at the Media Institution with excellent grades. A new top education and a fashion industry focused academic education based upon on fashion in - economy, consumption, psychology, marketing, pr, branding, history, civics, art, textiles etc. In addition to this I studied ethnology focused on gender, boundaires, identity, human relations and behaviour. Why do consumers function in a certain way and based upon what do they make choices in life, contemporary and historically? What challenges awaits for the luxury fashion industry? 

Well connected, I had the privilege to work closely with Royal Court with my BAthesis about hos the Crown Princess Victoria could improve her image by marketing and branding through fashion. I made suggestions about how to improve this and media has experience a huge change in her fashion choices since my thesis got published. She is now dressing in a more sustainable way, even in vintage clothing, as well as choosing fashion that puts herself, the royal brand, her country, her ambitions, interests and achivements in the spotlight.

My thesis : For Sweden – Crown Princess Victoria fashion for royal duties. The thesis itself became possible thru my personal connections as I recieved the honor to work closely with members of the Royal Court to make my research. I was the very first to be invited to look into the swedish royal wardrobe on an academic level in order to analyze, and later on in my thesis make suggestions, in order to improve the Crown Princess fashion choices for a positive boost of her image and regal brand. My thesis has had a huge impact (even though the greater public do not know about the thesis at all)  The Crown Princess herself has choosen to change her fashion approach considerably based upon my suggestions in the thesis. The fact that the Crown Princess has improved her fashion choices these last years and that this has been noticed and applauded around the world in papers as US Vogue and even boosting her popularity in polls by the Swedish people, is a surreal feeling when thinking I played a small part behind that regal branding and image change. I made suggestions about how to improve her awareness of dressing accordingly to situation and media has experience a huge change in her fashion choices since my thesis got public. She is now dressing in a more sustainable way, even choosing second-hand and vintage clothing as well as choosing fashion that puts herself in focus. Conclusion -  never underestimate the power of fashion and dressing right. 

The Media Institution at Stockholms University wrote about my thesis: "An ambitious essay on a hitherto barely researched topic of importance to Swedish contemporary fashion culture. The paper covers a wide range of materials, from interviews to press photographs and an exhibition, using a flexible approach in its analysis, where interesting observations and thoughts are linked to relevant prior research. An important work that is characterized by commitment and creative independent thinking. Read the thesis by following link!

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Curator - Studies at advanced level - Stockholm University 30 credits - Jan 2021


  • The art of exhibition - history and conditions - Sept-Oct 2020 (7,5 credits)
  • Theories about exhibition and exhibition production – Oct-Nov 2020 (7,5 credits)
  • Internship at Scheffler Palace - Nov-Dec2020 (7,5 credits)
  • Ethical, economic and legal aspects of exhibition production - Dec2020-Jan2021 (7,5 credits)


BA in Arts - Fashion Studies at Media Institution, Stockholm University 180 credits - Feb 2017


  • Fashion Science BA Essay - Oct 2016 - Feb 2017 (15 credits)
  • Fashion Creations - Sept-Oct 2016 (15 credits)
  • Luxury and Desire of all time - March 2016 (7.5 credits)
  • Folklore – March 2016 (7,5 credits)
  • Heritage analysis - March 2016 (7,5 credits)
  • Cultural and contemporary perspective – January 2016 (7,5 credits)
  • Culture history - December 2015 (7,5 credits)
  • Citylife – December 2015 (7,5 credits)
  • Perspective on everyday life and social organization – November 2015 (7,5 credits)
  • Perspective on man, culture and society – October 2015 (7,5 credits)
  • Fashion Scientific writing - June 2015 (7,5 credits)
  • The rise and change of the global fashion industry – April 2015 (7,5 credits)
  • Fashion, literature and culture – March 2015 (15 credits)
  • Fashion, flair and film – January 2015 (15 credits)
  • Fashion Scientific concepts - November 2014 (7.5 credits)
  • Costume history - October 2014 (7.5 credits)
  • Portrait – painting and fashion photo - June 2014 (7,5 credits)
  • Fashion, power and men - June 2014 (7,5 credits)
  • Fashion - Control, submission, emancipation - completed in January 2014 (5 credits)
  • Fashion - Clothing and the social body - completed January 2014 (5 credits)
  • Fashion - Clothing, groups and boundaries - completed January 2014 (5 credits)


Work experience


2020 - November-December

Art Curating at Scheffler Palace

As part of my curator education I had an internship at Scheffler Palace in Stockholm. I worked as an assistent to Camilla Hjelm, Head of Art Collections at Stockholm University. My tasks has been:

  • To identify and registrate art - historical dress - for Stockholm University / Media Institution / Fashion Center.
  • To do an inventory of art and other objects in the Palace.
  • To hang up art in the newly established art room.


2019 - Ongoing and Currently 2021

Assistant Manager Visual Merchandiser at ImageGroup

In the luxury retail business of Sweden - Imagegroup is the franchising company behind flagshipstores Mulberry, Bottega Veneta, Max Mara and concept multibrands stores NK Access in Stockholm and Gothenburg and NK Runway.
Multibrand stores include brands such as GUCCI, Saint Laurent, Off White, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Valentino, Céline, Dolce & Gabbana, Loewe, Versace e.g.

After many years in the business with experience from both franchisee stores and unique retail stores Imagegroup and it's employees have profound experience, a strong relationship with the press and a deep understanding and know-how of the luxury fashion business.

Job description - Ensuring that all luxury fashion goods of Imagegroup Stockholm stores are presented in the most desirable way possible. The position include responsiblilty in tasks as:

  • Meeting up with brand representatives to ensure brand guidelines in visual display is fulfilled to perfection.
  • Display merchandise with visual appeals to create customer desire.
  • Integrate brand images in visual presentations throughout all the stores and windows
  • Innovate and implement seasonal merchandising presentations.
  • Initiate unique visual presentations.
  • Ensure replenishment of most desirable items.
  • Coordinate with management on key visual merchandising efforts.
  • Design and implement key visual elements including styling
  • Ensure compliance of brand standards in visual merchandising efforts.


2019 - Ongoing and Currently 2021

Client Relations Manager and Senior Sales Advisor Mulberry

As a Client Relations Manager at the flagship store in Sweden I work with the Store Manager to develop and drive the clienteling strategy in store. This position also include a job as a Senior Sales Advisor with tasks as:

  • Creating and driving a clienteling mindset in store
  • Elevate relationships with key clients by leveraging different tools and with a focus on the client experience
  • Implement transversal strategies to recruit new clients and develop existing clientele.
  • Take overall responsibility for designing and implementing the brands CRM strategies
  • Be an excellent ambassador of the Mulberry brand
  • Ensuring that every client is treated to the Mulberry promise and fulfill their every need for customer satisfaction.
  • Succeed in creating memorable experiences for the clientele
  • Building long lasting relationships which will be maintained through the usage of in-house clienteling tools and systems.
  • Attract new customer segments to the brand. 


2017 – 2018 Client Advisor

Client Advisor at Louis Vuitton Stockholm

Excellent top seller and strong business relationship with high-end customers. Responsibility: Jewellery and accessoires. Excellent HQ and managment feedback on sale and customer reviews throughout. Conducting staff sale meetings to increase sale and create cutomer satisfaction.


Client Advisor and Freelance modelling

  • Client Advisor at Imagegroup AB a Swedish franchise company in fashion with brands as GUCCI, Dolce & Gabbana, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, Loewe, Mulberry e.g. The position also included some management training and backoffice work.
  • Modeling: freelance various projects until Jun 2017.

Head Fashion Buyer, Marketing and Modelling

  • HeadBuyer (with CEO) in fashion as well as marketing and modeling for Alice by Belle Shoes (7 boutiques and webshop)
  • Modeling for Nathalie Schuterman AB, webshop and newsfeed
  • Modeling: freelance various projects on the catwalk, also featured in commercial campaigns in magazines as ELLE Sweden, Damernas Varld and Plaza Magazine.

Freelance Modelling, freelance fashion assistand and fashion assistant at the largest fashion magazine in Sweden (DamernasVarld)

  • Modelling on stage at Damernas varlds gala " Guldknappen 2014"
  • Modelling: freelance various projects
  • Modelling at presslauch for Martina Bonniers book "Martinas Modevarld".
  • Fashion assistant for the book "Martinas Modevarld" by author Martina Bonnier. A fashionbook that I also contributed to as a fashion assistant, mentioned in the authors acknowledgments.
  • Fashion assistant by internship at Damernas Varld for Martina Bonnier, Lisa Pettersson and Fia Tegnér. The work included various tasks as: logisticts of clothes for spread and covers. meeting up with PRagencys and Showroom representives, selecting clothes and accessoires for fashion editorials, working at photoshoots and other appropriate tasks at a leading fashion magazine. 

Freelance model with assignmets for catwalk, editorial, commercials and commercial movies

  • Model, catwalk GUESS, One-Piece etc.
  • Model, photo commercial in ELLE, Damernas Varld and Plaza Magazine etc.
  • Model, representant brand LoveByIsabel by Isabel Adrian Angello
  • Model, commercial movie for Tele2 via the web and at Tele2 and Friends Arena


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