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2017 - a summery

31 December 2017










2017 - a summery! Many things has happened this year and I feel I finally went from being a little girl to an awesome woman :)

First up starting off this summery: Jan 2017 started with a trip to Dubai, to my lovely Angie! During 2017 I have travelled 4 times to Dubai, a place that I absolutely adore! Besides travels to Dubai I have travelled to sooo many places 2017, just to name a few: Miami, London, Marbella and Bryssels :)









Second up in this summery: Finally got my first BA!!! A BA of Arts with Fashion Studies as mayor and ethology as minor (I am thinking about taking one term to have a BA in Ethnology too in the future?)  My average grade was B (Although I was receiving A:s and B:s in almost all of my exames) My thesis was "For Sweden in Time - CrownPrincess Victoria - dress choices in royal duties". I worked closely with members of the Swedish Royal Court and writing the thesis was both such a joy as well as a blessing. Actually no one of the Professors and Doctors at Stockholm University thought I would receive help from the Royals, sooo I must say I am soo thankful for them letting me into the Royal Wardrobe <3 (Maybe I had a bit of a head start as being a neighbour to Prince Daniel just before his marriage, or do they know my familymembers actually is based upon german nobilities (A Prince) just about 100 years back?) No, I do not think so! Instead, I think we should be proud of a Royal Family that are as modern and transparent as they really are! <3








Third up of this summery: After my BA in March, while I still was working at Imagegroup I seeked a new job opportunity at Louis Vuitton, part of the LVMH Group. This started up with interviews at the Louis Vuitton HQ in Bryssels and after that interview with the manager in Stockholm, Mr Mehdi Rabhi! I got the job and signed my contract in June 2017. I love my work and my colleagues soo much and will sign a new contract soon (I was offered being a fulltime employee, but choose to have a short contract instead). LVMH is the largest fashion company in the world and I thought if I manage to do an awesome job in Stockholm I will be able to work abroad at some position av LVMH if that is where my life course will take me in the future? 







To finish off this summery we come to the most important in life: Family and love! <3

As I look back during 2017 I am so thankful for my mothers recovering from her major stroke during 2016.  I am actually so utterly blessed with my parents who always been there for me and loving me enormously! <3

I am also soo thankful for having my awesome click of friends! When it comes to love during 2017 then: No way Jose!? Or, love may finally actually have hit me just recently? 

2018, I am on the lookout for an new awesome year! xoxo





new years resolution

30 December 2017








Horse all dressed up in the blanket: Rambo Duo from Horseware



For 2018 I just have one resolution! Other may have resolutions about career, education, working out more, quitting smoking or somethings like that! Not me!!! I am in perfect good health and look exactly like I want ;) Carrerwise and about education, I already got my BA earlier in 2017 and careerwise I love it at Louis Vuitton <3  (I might add that I just made a choice to have a short term contract during spring and therefor declinde to become a regulare empolyee. Reasons for this is that I do not think I will live in Stockholm from up-coming summer? )

So my one big New Years Resolution is: Getting back in the saddle! (Maybe in more ways then one?) I need horses back in my life and this year it is finally about time! I have missed the equistrian lifestyle so much these last 5 years: Now it is about time to take matters in hand! Here are some inspo pictures as I actually sold, and gave away, everything when my horse died of bursted aorta, so suddenly and unexpected! Miss her sooo much!!! xoxo







Dressage saddle X-D2 lux from Prestigd,  Bridle from Otto Schumacher and Helmet Shadowmatt Lozenge Swarowski from Samshield.



Dressage Saddle pad with strass from Christina Sport,  Splint boots Piaffe from Veredus and Stirrup System 4 Herm from Sprenger. 


Riding blanket from Back-on-Track,  Halter from Dyón Dressage and Wool blanket in wool from Kingsland



All pictures from my favourite Swedish Equistrian Shop (Situate at the stables Hogsta, where I used to travel often with my horse to train with my coach) namely Hogsta Ridsport




inspirational - mrs alice

29 December 2017









As I got home tonight after an amazing friday dinner with my father, I looked up my top favourite instagram account ever, Mrs Alice! I dooo adore that account, soo much inspo!!! Mrs Alice has her lovely family, husband and children. She works within the fashion industry. She lives in a house surrounded by dogs and horses.

Maybe my dreamlife if I could choose all by myself at this time in life? I might, on the other hand, call it goals for the moment? Maybe my life will take a completely different direction? Surely, love will lead the way! xoxo








All pictures from Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.



best collections - prefall 2018 - part V

28 December 2017







Norma Kamali



Last evening, as I had an hour to spend up-dating me in the world of fashion, I discovered that there had been shown some new collections for pre-fall 2018. So therefor I here present my favorite looks from the most recent catwalks! Lovely aren´t they!? xoxo




Reem Acra


Emilia Wickstead


All pictures from Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.


bling new year - silver

27 December 2017






Roland Mouret, Herve Leger and Veronica Beard 


Isabel Marant, Roland Mouret and GUCCI




Even though I actually not yet have any fixed plans for New Years Eve, I still have fashion ideas :) This year I wanna go silver/black and what better way to get some inspo then searching on-line? These looks are absolutely amaxing! Do you not agree? xoxo






Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen and Alaia



Alaia,  Giuseppe Zanotti and Marco De Vincenzo



All pictures from Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.



as christmas is over....

27 December 2017






....much to do! 


First up, is fixing my Christmas gift from Chanel! I have wanted it for some time and finally they will get it in stock at the Chanel store in Stockholm, either this week or next! So, one of my many gifts this Christmas was a promise from Santa to get this goodie a.s.a.p it comes in store! <3

Second up, is as I am starting working today <3 I will have to fix a present from Louis Vuitton that Santa gave to my dad. It needs to be hot-stamped so this have to be fixed in store today :)

Third up, is that I am going to miss my lovely collegue and rock at work, Satu :/ She is leaving us from Louis Vuitton Stockholm to work at Louis Vuitton HQ in Bryssels instead! Surely gonna miss her a lot! xoxo





hmmmm - dudes?

27 December 2017







Hmmmm, dudes! Now that Christmas is over and you finally have time to just reflect about life, dudes come to mind :) Many years has passed since I last had a relationship. Many years has passed since I last dated! The struggle is real! Just kidding, I actually always felt no-stress when it comes to "matters of the heart". I have never been that kind of girl that needs attention from dudes to feel complete. Maybe I am very confident or maybe I am being quite the opposite, very afraid? One thing is for sure, I will never settle for less: Less love, less passion and less soulmate! I decided years ago never to start dating anyone who has a personality that will not attract me in the long run. A dude that want to come close to me needs to stand on his own to feet, have a drive and being content in what he is achieving for himself in life! This is for me the difference between a boy and a man and is for me equal important as passion, love and desire! 

Maybe I am in the wrong town, maybe I am in the wrong country? When I very seldom finally feels that this could be that dude, he always tend to live abroad! How will I then find out if he is Mr Right? How will he then find out if I am right? I do not really have answeres to those question, if I had I would surely tell you. All I know is that I would travel to the moon for being close if it felt right.

Then on the other hand how would he know that! I am not the kind of girl that talks of those things easily? If I would describe my nature it is old-fashioned. I do need someone to take me under his wings, someone who leads the way! Trust, loyalty and exclusiveness in love is a must, if I ever even should dare (or choose) to start dating. 

But the again no-stress! What happens will happen! Faith and destiny is everything! I am so truly blessed in life so far, love with Mr Right would be like icing on the cake! xoxo







last days before christmas @ louis vuitton

20 December 2017









Did some Christmas shopping today :) Perfumes are always a good idea, do you not think so? Soon just 3 days left until my Christmas holiday begins for real! Much to do at Louis Vuitton these last few days before Christmas :) Pure grinding for me now until I finish work late at Saturday evening.  Gonna swap some Christmas gifts with my Bffs Thursday evening and we might take our last night out spontanusly if something fun turns up ;)  After that, the holidays will be all about being together with my family. <3 No more time for blogging then, and if you do not hear from me these busy days: Merry Christmas, all my wonderful readers! xoxo






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Christmas dining - gamla riksarkivet

20 December 2017







Christmas is for me all about being traditions! One of those traditions is the Christmas Dining with my family at Gamla Riksarkivet. We have been going there every since they started. The decorations, atmosphere, food, beverage and service is absolutely top notch (Belive me, I have tried soo many different Christmas dining places and nothing compares to this). We always get to sit at the same table next to the Christmas Tree, soo cozy! What is awesome also is that they offer a lot of vegetarian alternatives! Love it when there is something for everyone! For me, the room filled with candy and desserts is the highlight! Litterary feeling like a kid in a candy store! Love it! xoxo






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oscar arrsjö - dress for success

20 December 2017








This post is a draft and will be alterned and translated into English soon.


Jag såg precis "Malou efter 10" och diskussionen om stil. Oscar Arrsjö hade bjudits in för att diskutera stil och sin bok "Klä dig för framgång". Hela diskussionen kring män och manligt mode, men kanske framför allt att klä sig för att passa in och skapa en idé kring identitet, var för mig såsom modevetare himla intressant :) Eftersom jag har läst så många kurser om mode, män och makt inom etnologin och modevetenskapen så får jag kraftiga flashbacks. Flashbacks som tar sitt avtramp i mina universitetsstudier särskilt vad det gäller kurser i ämnen som manligt mode, även i modemedia, historiskt och nutida. 

Hur ska jag börja den här diskussionen? För mig är det enklast att börja i litteraturen och då med boken "The Social Organization of Masculinity" av R.W. Connell där författaren strukturerar upp kön i en trefaldig modell som skiljer relationen makt, produktion och känslomässigt engagemang, för att därefter granska relationerna mellan dessa. När det gäller just manlighet anser Connell att det är bättre att fokusera på de processor och relationer genom vilka män och kvinnor lever sina liv, snarare än att försöka definiera maskulinitet som ett objekt (en naturlig karaktärstyp, ett genomsnittligt beteende, en normalitet). Manlighet om det nu överhuvudtaget ska definieras som begrepp; är en plats i genusrelationer, de metoder vilka män och kvinnor ägnar sig i denna och metodeffekter utifrån kroppslig erfarenhet, personlighet och kultur. Tilläggas måste väl jag också nämna att det är en övergripande ram för det finns såklart också särskilda genusrelationer av dominans och underordning mellan olika grupper av män. Vilket osökt får mig att fastna på Oscar Arrsjös resonemang om att "Klä sig för framgång". Att passa in och skapa dominans och underordning mellan män! Ett välkänt begrepp som ofta diskuterats inom modevetenskapen är" hegemoni " som härrör från Antonio Gramscis analys av klassförhållanden. Det har sitt ursprung i den kulturella dynamik genom vilken en grupp strävar efter och behåller en ledande ställning i det sociala livet . Hegemonisk maskulinitet vilar, både historisk och nutida, på samhällets legitimitet av patriarkatet. Det är detta som ger män den dominerande ställningen och kvinnor den underordnade. Såklart också vissa av dessa män en dominerande ställning mot andra män som inträder i den underordnade ställningen, nu när vi diskuterar att "Klä sig för framgång". 

Manligt mode har utvecklats snabbt de senaste decennierna, inte minst i modemedia och då tänker jag ofta med jämförelsen av modetidningar för män historiskt och nutida. Såsom McNeil och Karamina i sin bok "The Men´s Fashion Reader" är utgångspunkten historiskt att kvinnor blev såsom "vänner" med sina tidningar, medan det fanns ett inbyggt manligt motstånd mot tanken på en tidning som delar idéer om att vara en man. För män var (eller är?) det en oacceptabel motsägelse. Självmedvetande är tillåtet, till och med attraktivt i en kvinna, men kan det upplevas som en svaghet och omanligt i en nutida man? Om vi börjar diskussionen vad det gäller tidningar så går det inte att historiskt bortse från "Playboy" och den då härskande synen i tidningsvärlden där mode och konsumtionskultur för män var stereotyp och särskilde sig från den homosexuella manligheten. Många tidningar i vilka manligt mode figurerar fungerar fortfarande i en kombo med manligt mode som en del av en aktivitet eller ett intresse. Det är alltså aktiviteten som jakt, fiske, sportbilar, lättklädda kvinnor etc. som legitimerar mannen att läsa om mode som en del av tidningen. Nu börjar det sakta förändras, ändå känner jag att processen är ganska långsam! I alla gamla artiklar om mode, av Kessie för Playboy, fanns enligt McNeil och Karamina ett underförstått löfte: Att klä sig "rätt" i den konservativa meningen, betydde en stil som innebar att såsom "Playboy" var du avsedd för ett mer framgångsrikt liv på arbetet, såväl i sängen. Dessa ikoniska modesidor förespråkade en skillnad i modet genom noggrann uppmärksamhet på detaljer, som erbjuder möjligheten att kombinera konservatism i kläder, framgång på jobbet, och en ny och spännande livsstil i sfären av din fritid. Författarna berättar att det syntes extra mycket under de första sex åren när Playboy skrivaren Jack Kessie levde som han lärde och med det klädde sig enligt denna normen och gav tips i hur man klädde sig i den sk Ivy League stilen. En stil som skulle berika mannens liv och göra att han lätt skulle kunna röra sig uppåt på den sociala stegen (Playboy, Vol-4, nr 3:70). Kopplingen till titeln för Oscar Arrsjös bok "Klä dig för framgång" känns igen! Med en ambivalent feeling för mig personligen! Är det modernt accepterbart att se manlig framgång som en del av patriarkatbild såsom den enda sanningen och vår framtid, som en helt egen värld som utsluter avvikelser? Vad det gäller manlighet och begreppet manlighet i kombon med mode så verkar den helt fokuserad på konsumtion, precis som författarna skriver så med en betoining på konsumtion så är den vägen den enda rätta vägen att göra det möjligt för mannen att ingå i den nya eliten: bära rätt kostym , handla i rätt butik , blir sedd på rätt ställen i de rätta kläderna. Som ett resultat av alla dessa faktorer blev enligt författarna begreppet maskulinitet en livsstil såsom en handelsvara som kan köpas eller säljas och skapar begär.  Det är som det skett en förändring som haft en avgörande betydelse och det är den ökande acceptans av konsumtion i sig, som en del av manlighet i identitet och aktivitet. Alltfler män har blir medvetna hur de ser ut och vilka signaler de ger. Frågan författarna ställer sig är inte "varför hände allt detta så plötsligt". Snarare, "varför tog allt så lång tid"? Det är enligt författarna otvetydigt att manlighet alltmer säljs, marknadsförs och konsumeras som en del av en övergripande rad förändringar socialt, ekonomiskt och politiskt som validerar manlig narcissism. Det börjar dock finnas allt mer modetidningar för män, som inte baseras på andra intressen/hobbys och aktiviteter, utan där modet i sig ligger i fokus. Nuförtiden är manligt mode närmare kopplat till konsumtionsindustrin. Det finns månadsmagasin i manligt mode i Sverige som t.ex Plaza Uumo, men även dagstidningen/modesajten Metro som gratisform når läsare från alla kön, alla religioner och alla samhällsklasser. Metro har varje vecka återkommande sidor skriva av en modeskribenter med fokus på manligt mode och manlig skönhet. Dessa sidor är ett naturligt inslag, oberoende av mäns intresse för hobbys eller andra aktiviteter, och ännu viktigare riktar den sig till alla läsare, utan inriktning beroende på kön eller sexuell läggning.

Vad som inte får glömmas i sammanhanget när diskussionen förs om manligt mode är gayrörelsen och dess otroliga inflytande på modets utveckling. Om vi inte haft denna kraft, var hade manligt mode varit idag? Hade alla män klätt sig exakt likadant och manlig klädkod varit uniform? Det var väldigt intressant i mina studier hur det i boken "The Men´s Fashion Reader" tydliggjordes hur ”dandyismen” fungerat som förstadier till modernitet och urban konsumtion och stil. Just Dandybegreppet berättar mycket om attityder till mäns mode, hur man tittar på män och hur män ser på varandra. Något som är intressant när vi är inne på just manlighet och mansideal är det som framkom i boken och uppmärksammades, nya mansideal! Hur med nya mansideal och samspelet mellan konsumtionskultur och uppfattningar av maskulinitet, en synlig och delvis mer socialt accepterad gay manlighet fått ta plats. Enligt författarna var det homosexuella män, befriade från stereotypa synen på heterosexuell manlighet, som på många sätt fungerat som en pilotkonsumentgrupp för män i allmänhet. Homosexuella mäns relation till konsumtion skiljer sig från heterosexuella män främst inom två områden: att de tenderar att ha färre finansiella åtaganden (som ex. familj, hus och barn) och därför ofta har högre disponibla inkomster; och att deras konsumtions-mönster ofta används i syfte att förstärka sin identitet genom modekonsumtion. Det skulle kanske också kunna hävdas att homosexuella män har fungerat som bron, genom vilken marknadsförare har galna inbrytningar i den vanliga heterosexuella manligheten. Författarna menar att de rika och högt spenderande homosexuella männen konsumerar mode på ett sätt som marknadsförare tidigare bara drömt om. En pilotkonsument grupp vars beteende har gått i bräschen såsom en sorts mall som blivit en startpunkt för att utforska konsumenternas manlighet i allmänhet. Resultatet: att vi kan se att homosexuell sexualitet fungerat som en betydande, och inte ofta erkänd, faktor i utvecklingen av mäns modetidskrifter riktade till män och manlighet. Med andra ord - all cred till gayrörelsen för det manliga modets utveckling!!! <3 


En annan del av diskussionen i TV-soffan med författaren Oscar Arrsjö var hår och manlig skönhet! Flashbacks för mig återigen :) Det är ju så att såsom etnolog och modevetare är jag så himla medveten om att det är en viktig del man måste inse för att förstå utvecklingen av manlig skönhet och manligt mode. Det är att vara medveten om hur viktigt det är att tillhöra och vara accepterad av samhället. Utan den bakgrunden skulle det vara omöjligt att se hur mäns mode och skönhet markerar motstånd mot antingen samhället och/eller en viss maktstruktur. Nu var det här ju inte på tapeten i morgonens TV-soffa med Oscar Arrsjö som hela tiden förde fram budskapet för manlig framgång: Vikten av att passa in, vikten av att tillhöra och framförallt vikten av att inte sticka ut.  När jag tänker manlig och kvinnlig skönhet, så blir hår en sådan där igenkännande faktor från mina studier. Modeförfattaren Joanne Entwistle har bl.a skrivit om historikers och teoretikers analyser av slarvigt och slätt hår som illustrerar relationen mellan kropp och situation. Slarvigt hår, en gång en symbol för uppror, återfinns bland de yrkesverksamma som är i stånd att kritisera samhället, i synnerhet akademiker och konstnärer. Slätt hår å andra sidan återfinns bland dem som vill passa in, som advokater och bankmän. Är det så enkelt fortfarande, är vi människor så stöpta i fack fortfarande, ja diskussionen i dagens TV-soffa med Oscar Arrsjö tyder på det! T.ex. i diskussionen om vikten av att klippa håret, väldigt ofta! I boken "Hair" av Biddle-Perry och Cheang skriver författarna om att hårets funktion som en förlängning av kroppen och som socialt syfte har lett till teorier om håret som fallosymbol och kapning av hår som en symbol för kastrering. Växande och kapande av hår har också satts i samband med kontroll i samhället, där långt hår står för social frihet eller trots, och kort eller täckt hår är ett tecken på social reglering, lydnad och disciplinerad religiös eller kulturell överensstämmelse. Mäns individuella val av ansiktsbehåring är uppbundna I bredare kollektiva och kulturella förståelsen av patriarkat, extremism, sekularisering, tradition och modernitet. Uppenbarligen är det hårets formbarhet och hår förhållande till kroppen som ger stor makt och multivalens inom system för representation och identitet, oavsett om de dominerande sociala ideologierna utmanas eller bekräftas. Så, även när det gäller hår och frisyr är TV-diskussion med Arrsjö kring ämnet framgång inriktad på att passa in. Med ett välvårdat hår på ett tillrättalagt och kontrollerat sätt med frekvent återkommande besök hos frisören, kan mannen nå framgång!

Det kändes faktiskt lite befriande och ha en ledig dag och spendera morgonen med lite djupa tankar om modets bakgrund och modets framtid :) Jag tror faktiskt jag ska klicka hem Oscar Arrsjös bok "Klä dig för framgång", inte för att få tips för min egen framgång med klädval. (Jag har alltid klätt mig annorlunda och stuckit ut, om det ger framgång eller inte är jag för ung och oerfaren för att svara på i nuläget) Jag vill faktiskt veta hur Arrsjö tänker kring manligt mode i stort om det finns sådana skrivningar i boken? Jag vill få reda på om Arrsjö tänker på att förvalta sin makt, tid i spotlight, och vill påverka modet? Framförallt vill jag få svar på om det i boken finns skrivet vilka män som ska räknas med, eller snarare finns det män som ska uteslutas och inte få del av framgången för att de inte råkar vara klädda för framgång? Även om det känns som om jag snurrat in djupt på den historiska synen på manlighet och manlig konsumtion via modet, så finns ingen kritik alls mot böcker som den som är på tapeten nu :) Jag gillar faktiskt stilböcker, som hur man klär sig på rätt sätt vid rätt tillfälle. Jag tror också sådana böcker fyller en funktion, kanske framförallt till de som inte är så stilmässigt bevandrade och vill ha tips för att på ett bättre sätt kunna uttrycka sig genom modet! Det är med någon gen i kroppen jag dock ändå känner att modediskussionen, vad det gäller manligt mode i Sverige, tar ett steg tillbaka. Kanske tänker jag fel? Kanske är jag för inrotad i dagens ämnen som #metoo och patriarket i maktens korridorer för att kunna tänka skönhet, flärd och att klättra med yttre attribut på en samhällsstege? Kanske är jag också en sådan människa som hela tiden arbetar på att se människor bakom det yttre. Jag är faktiskt himla bra på att läsa av miner och uttal, kroppsspråk och gester. En ulv i fårakläder lurar inte mig, kvinna eller man :) Ge mig 10 minuter med en välklädd "framgångsman" och jag klär av honom såsom person innanför skalet, haha! Kanske har det igenkänningsfaktor att göra? Troligen är det genom att ha en uppväxt på ett sätt gör att jag känner igen andra med samma eller liknande bakgrund. Personer som klär sig uppåt stegen är för mig väldigt genomskinliga genom allt kläder, miner, gester och uttal. :) Även om jag har den goda tonen att inte reagera mer än att jag noterar i mitt inre, såsom en känsla av att någonting inte känns korrekt :)

Genom historien, och fortfarande, finns de som försöker övertyga omgivningen om att vissa plagg leder till bättre sociala relationer. Jag tror att det är ett synsätt som stämmer, även om jag har en förhoppning av att andra värden ska vara de som är avgörande för personlig och yrkesmässig framgång! Såväl för kvinnor som för män!!! xoxo




my own christmas ideas - louis vuitton

13 December 2017











This is my very own idea of gifts that I would surely both love to receive and give for Christmas. <3

What better way to travel in style than with a smashing passport cover and note book while exploring new places in the world? Or you might wanna use an id-card holder around your neck poolside for example the hotel key ? 

Or maybe, with currently ice-cold winter in Stockholm, with the family gathering around the Christmas tree: What better way to have fun together than play cards or roll some dices? Or you might wanna clean the diningtable from all the Christmas dining and play some table tennis there after? 

At Louis Vuitton I can find just the gift I want to give or the gift I wanna put on my wishlist, things I have never thought about before :) xoxo







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13 December 2017








Yesterday was a flashback day! That kind of day when your most aweful memory in your entire life turns up and knocks on your brain! Hello, you have not forgot about me I presume? Those memories you just wanna shut out of your life, although surely never gonna be completely forgotten! Some memories you can not really hide from! You might have thought that the most critic point has been reached and you have worked your way thru it, but then again, lifechanging things lingers! Why can´t some memories just be thrown into the ocean, like a rock, completely gone in the big blue?

Do not misunderstand me! I am still sooo very strong, I am still feeling utterly blessed in life <3 I am loved and I feel love for others! I have not lost any hope in life and I do consider myself a very lucky person! The one thing I might have lost is trust in people! Or maybe, I trust people, but not the devil inside them! xoxo





prefall 2018 - best collections - part III

13 December 2017








Fashion is truly a mirror of the times we live in! I do feel that we live in confused times! The world is chattered and so is fashion! Maybe it is because of my organized nature I want to feel an easier burden as a culture being in this times and therefor more attracted to straight forward mature fashion, than ever? This sense might very well be the reason of my choices from Alessandro Micheles looks for GUCCI! I am so tired of the maximus styling and young girly feeling! I do on the other hand love these mature looks as well as I love the sense of 70s in a innovated modern way by the master <3 

I must add that I adored the looks from Akhmadullina with the sense of being right on fleek in these times! Looks that had a hugh impact on me and are very different from earlier seasons! Love them <3 




Alena Akhmadullina


Tadashi Shoji


Max Mara


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prefall 2018 - best collections - part II

12 December 2017










This is my "part II" of all the collections for prefall 2018! As usual, when I do not say otherwise, my choices are out of what I would love to wear myself. Sometimes I do post with looks from a modernity, innovation and fashion forward perspecive, when so I let you now for sure!  This is what I what adore to get for myself and ofc absolutely feel on-fleek fab wearing! xoxo






Oscar de la Renta




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h&m - for the christmas partys

11 December 2017








This is a very very busy period of the year! Besides a lot of work, one has to squeeze in all the Christmas partys! :) With no speartime to go shopping in boutiques, I tend to look whats available on-line. Mostly I choose from Net-A-Porter, although sometimes I click home some lovely looks from H&M. These are my H&M top choices at this moment! I ordered two of these looks for myself! Surely lovely, aren´t they all? xoxo

As being on the subject of shopping fashion on-line I must tell you a little bit of my thoughts in this area! Net-shopping is getting bigger and bigger, sales are constantly on an all-time high and breaking records! I have worked as a buyer of affordable fashion for a store, both on-line and 7 boutiqes. When I worked there, we increased the sale enormously! What I have discovered as analyzing different netshops is the difference in authencity! The focus on so-called influencers is all wacked up, according to me. Not just on the actual websites, but also on social media and above all instagram! I am a rebel in the sense of that I do not wanna follow the flow in buying fashion and products that gets stuffed down my throat! I turn away from instagram stories with products, affiliates and such. I am a rebel as if I had thought from the beginning to bye something that these influencers beats into my brain, I make a deliberate choice to bye an alternative product instead! Buyers do not wanna feel they are getting tricked and talked into buying fashion. Buyers want to be inspired, with inspired I am talking about in an area they themselves can relate to. I truly understand the Net-A-Porter success, they have images and products that are totally in harmony with their customer segment, which also gets validated by the Porter Magazine. What I take a stand against is the idiodic thoughts that overfixed images with models (fotballwives, fashion"editors", fashion "journalists" or fillermodels) shooted in some exotic places or chateaus, with ultraexpensive bags as Chanel as accessoires, are the way to sell affordable fashion. The customer segment do not relate to the campaigns, the pictures, the storys and finally as a result of all that, not to the products either!!! Fake, all the way! It is a fact that fashion netshopping is taking a larger potion of fashionsales. My hope is that the ones responsible for new websites, or developping of current ones,  actually analyze their presumtive customersegment first. Maybe instead of just a background in computer science, economic and marketing they should go down to basic ethology and fashion courses instead, haha ;) (I must add, I was so thrilled about the Åhlens campaign last year, but then again my mentor Fashion Dr. Philip Warkander who was consulted has his base in ethnology) It is my thought that a deep analysis is the way to success for fashion netcompanies. For Gods sake: Try to make those customers desire the products on a level themselves can feel part of! xoxo








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pre-fall 2018 - best collections - part I

11 December 2017







Elie Saab



I have already presented a few of my favorite collections for prefall 2018, as Chanel. Here I present all of my top collections that has been presented so far for prefall 2018. These choices are ofc choosen out of my very own personal taste :) Just to take one example, the Dsquared2 "ICON" hat, was one of the designer items I bought for myself when I was in London a month back! These looks  found very wearable as well as fashion forward, for myself and others, next fall! xoxo




Cushnie et Ochs


Jonathan Simkhai


Bottega Veneta



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fashion at the nobel banquet

11 December 2017






CrownPrincess Victoria




I confess that I was wrong in my ideas of to what extent our CrownPrincess Victoria would dare to make her dresschoices for Nobel! Not vintage at all, but at least a dresschoice from a quite unknown Swedish designer, Jennifer Blom. The dress was actually lovely and I fell for the airness of the garment and especially the neckline :) So as always our CrownPrincess was smashing even though I wanted her to be more of a bold styleicon, both in idea and color/patterns! On the other hand the vintage style was somewhat fulfilled from our Royal Family as Queen Silvia wore vintage :) Not many knows this,  but Queen Silvia is also working hard for the enviromental issues and sustainable fashion, as I saw a clip from her work during a public visit to Germany not so long ago!

Now we come to the fashion style icon from the Nobel banquet. I do think Sara Danius (a member of the Swedish Academy) made a extravagant and fashion forward choice of her dress as well as her choosen accessoires and hair/makeup! Well done! And I do also think Magdalena Andersson (the Swedish Minister of Finance) made a daring fashion, hair and makeup choice, that actually was a hit!

My top style choice of the banquet, however, will be dedicated to Margareta Thorgren  (The Director of the Information and Press Department at the Royal Court). I watched the Nobel "show" at Swedish Television (SVT) and I must say that look, that dress, that styling - She was absolutely drop dead gorgeous! xoxo






Sara Danius




royal fashion @ nobel

10 December 2017








Soon, The Swedish Royal Family and their fashion choices for the Nobel Price cermony and banquet will be revealed :) I presume all the Princesses will wear design from Sweden, especially after the success last year (that year of Royal fashionchoices by some strange reason actually followed what I suggested in my essay after my summerys from historical royal fashion litteratur, surveys with fashion media and from my close interviews with members from the Royal Court).  Maybe I had an impact, that I will never know for sure thought as I worked in the dark (although others mediapersons, as fashionjournalists and fashioneditors, take cred for, and use, my work with the thesis. Which is okey if it will be for a better sustainable fashion future)! :)

I do soo hope that our Crown Princess Victoria will be bold enough to wear vintage this year. I hope she will be even more strong in her sense of personal style from a sustainable perspecive this year and make a choice not to just wear something from her mother Queen Silvia. Instead I want her to be a role model and choose something typical Swedish (historic handcraft) from the former Swedish Couture House  "Märthaskolan", maybe a dress worn before by someone not from the closest family circle. This would be a sure way to make a statement when in comes to actually wearing vintage as others, not royals, wear vintage. My second, or alternative, suggestion this year would be too look thru the collection at the Royal Castle "Livrustkammaren" and choose from all the garments in the extended Royal wardrobe. 

Probably, I will not get my will thru? Probably her stylist, who during the work of my thesis questioned my vurm for the CrownPrincess wearing vintage, will just choose something from a Swedish Designer or from H&M. Might also be a fashionchoice of a look Queen Silvia has worn before, as the CrownPrincess already has got so good headlines this year for those fashion choices? That would be a bit mainstream and not feel enough fashion forward!

I want CrownPrincess Victoria to stand out even more. Go further ahead and lead the stylish way with her vintage choices. And for heavens sake this year, wear a look that stands out in colors and patterns. I really hope our CrownPrincess will shine through as the excellent future Queen she will be!xoxo 







pre-fall 2018 - power collections

09 December 2017







Now the fashionhouses is starting up to present the prefall collections for 2018. Here I present my top looks from my fav collections so far. I must say the Chanel women look very Gabrielle. They have the strong empowered women feeling. I love the collection and I do love the new way of presenting the looks in a whole new approche of model poses. The visual effect gives me a boost for a fierce, independent and rebel fall 2018. 

I do love the Roberto Cavalli collection too, also there a feeling of independece in badass women! Love it! xoxo




Roberto Cavalli


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cozy slippers - top of my wishlist

08 December 2017





Sanayi 313


A need for Christmas for me! Dear Santa my wooden floors at home are sooo cold and I have been sooo kind, as usual, the entire year! Slippers are on the top of my wishlist for Christmas and Santa if you can not make them yourself at Santas workshop, here are some of my favorite designs! xoxo





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victorias secret - no secret

05 December 2017





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On my way home from work this evening I went into my gym (S.A.T.S) and cancelled my membership :) I was tired of just working out in a gym where everybody seems to consider it a place for hitting on me, instead of actually working out! Just kidding, or? I want to vary my workout in a more extended way so I decided to become a member of Sturebadet instead! Sturebadet has so much more to offer for me I presume as they also has a pool, yoga- and fight classes. So, from 1st of January I will start with some new activites :) For those who have known me since my early teens its a fact that I have a huge problem with my inherited fast metabolism, when I was younger I was even bullyed for being tooo thin. My father 180cm weights 55 kg, when he lifts a lot he can go up to 58kg. My aunt, who is turning 60 soon and has given birth to 4 children, weighs 49 and is about 165cm tall with a body fit like a teenager. They literally eat everything and more than average people! In fact soo much that they have to take medicin for high colesterol as they have gotten older. That shows that what you eat, for some people, do not reflect on the way your body look. but the way you body function. Myself, for my 172 cm, I have trained my way up from 43kg to my current weight 2 months ago, an alltime high at 48kg :). I eat about everything and very much :P, Although I try to eat as clean as possible and cut down on red meat and the bad "white". I do love chocolate, cheese and icecream soo much they are my daily choices :)

As I got home from work I watched the Victorias Secret Fashionshow 2017 from Shanghai. Amazing and smashing in everyway! I do think this years show was the best I have seen,  ever :) Therefor I went to the VS homepage and clicked on some products for myself! (I know I am crazy about VS, got some stuff while in Dubai last week too). 

Maybe I love VS products as I got a VS body myself without struggling for it at all? Love my little booty, so here are some blurry, not altered pictures in any way, of myself <3 Ha-ha, haters gonna hate! Love xoxo





As for you who do not know so much about this site! I have never used photoshop or any other ways to alter any pictures of myself.  This site is uncommonly a blog showing the naked truth! xoxo




for myself - christmas

05 December 2017






Rosamosario and La Perla


La Perla and Rosamosario



I do think this is the time of year I truly enjoy the most being home alone, all by myself :) Not so much to do outside when its dark most of the time anyway! Better then to light some candles at home, dress up in something sexy and comfy while sipping on some amazing herbal tea! Get into that feeling of awesomeness. That tip is one of my ways to get that inner feeling of sexyness that is as important to boost up my very own strength and energy! What better love, than the love for yourself for who you truly are, inside and outside? xoxo




Carine Gilson and La Perla


La Perla and Wolford




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the red dress - christmas

01 December 2017






Zuhair Murad, Giambattista Valli, Valentino and Alexander McQueen


Stella Mccartney, Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford and Fendi



Well, what better way to get that true Chrismas feeling, than fashion? Just checked out some smashing red dresses for all the Chrismas festivites at Net-A-Porter :) To step it up in styling a bit further why not rock it up a step further with red accessoires? What do you think? xoxo




Gianvito Rossi, Saint Laurent, Christian Louboutin and Gianvito Rossi

Valentino, Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana and GUCCI.


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a christmas tradition

01 December 2017






I do hope it will snow very soon as my yearly Christmas party soon will take place <3 Yesterday I sent out about 15-20 invites to all my lovely ladies for a very special evening at my place! Now, all that is left is too do i the Christmas home decorations, preparing food and start baking. Maybe Santa will turn up as well? xoxo





bye bye - for now!!!

23 November 2017








Bye bye, for now! No more posts here for a while! My flight takes off in an hour and tonight I will arrive in Dubai, my very special paradise on earth! I booked the tickets months ago and finally the day is here! I really need a vacation due to working so much lately. Ofc my lovely angel Angelica and I will have sooo much fun, as usual. Fingers crossed now that Angelica did not forget to call the cleaning lady, due to that I am really allergic to her cats in the apartment. Fingers also crossed that Abu Dhabi and Formula 1 will be a magic trip too! Laters! Love you all and remember: Be kind, always! xoxo





louis vuitton - giving is the greatest pleasure

23 November 2017







I started to plan gifts for all that I love for Christmas this year. Then I thought, what a fun thing it would be to just give away things from my wonderful world of Louis Vuitton? Christmas for me is that time of the year I feel a pure admost joy,  surrounded by all the people I love, friends and family. <3 I really thank my lucky star for being soo utterly blessed in life!

So many people and animals in this world are effected of crisis, war and pollution, seperated from family and friends with difficulties to see any hope for the future. Therefor, in addition to the usual Christmas gifts, I will make a donation to UNICEF for their work. I urge you to do the same! Give a donation for a cause you belive in. Never forget, Christmas is about giving! xoxo














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gucci - history thru innovation - mesmerized

22 November 2017









After being mesmerized by the wonderful images lately in media from the new GUCCI Gift campaign I was ooh soo excited to find out more about the artist and the creative process and story behind the GUCCI Gift Book 2017. I began my search at With great joy I discovered an interwiew about the "Illustrating the 2017 GUCCI Gift Book", as you can read quoted below:

"Ignasi Monreal began his creative collaboration for Gucci with a quirky fortune teller and weather forecaster that appeared in the first #GucciGram digital art project. Fast forward two years, and the young Spanish artist’s digital pen is behind 80 illustrations that feature in the 2017 Gucci Gift catalogue. Ignasi weaves Gucci accessories and ready-to-wear into artworks that tell spellbinding stories, layered with diverse influences, mixing classical mythology of Greece and Rome, Medieval alchemy, Renaissance paintings, with a dash of Spanish passion and abundance. Below the artist offers us a glimpse into his creative process.
Tell us about the idea for the book?
It’s Icarus. He fascinates me because of his story, which could be read a bit like a mantra I guess. If you fly too close to the sun, you're going to get burned. If you fly too low, you're going to drown in the sea. It feels quite bluntly obvious, but I find it quite timeless, and reassuring. You have to find the middle point to land on the other side. Its not a cosmic science, just a tricky human condition. The Icarus himself is a very romantic character and of course symbolic of everything young and pretty. Very East London!  I didn’t really plan in advance how the illustrations will play out in the book, but I guess they all now make sense in a narrative. Something like: The cover star Icarus approaches the sun, falls down and lands in the Gucci fashion heaven. 
How did you come up with settings and ideas for the product?
I usually come up with a story first, and then try to see if the specific product makes sense within this particular context, whether it feels believable. Sometimes it is not a very grand story, just a moment in time and place that has somehow stuck with me that I try to recreate in a new way. I guess its the juxtaposition of something very down to earth with a bit of myth and/or dash of Spanish abundance that makes the image fun, intriguing or interesting. I like my artworks to be aesthetically pretty of course, but I do wish that whoever is looking, gets the inside points as well.
How do you work?
I paint pictures on my computer, on Photoshop and using a tablet. Its all digital. I create my own brushes, because it feels more painterly to me then, less plastic. Maybe it also makes this digital gig slightly more personal? I’ve been painting for quite a long time now. I started digital because it felt cool, new and a bit nonchalant, the "fuss free" tool. I did some comic illustrations, but started to experiment quickly and mainly painted whatever was on my mind, which at that time were (including but not limited to): pop culture icons in embarassing situations, borderline inappropriate interpretations of classic paitinings, and other teenage fever dreams. I guess this somehow led me to fashion?
Can you tell us about these illustrations at the back of the book—your hand drawing?
It’s me drawing this book, and smoke is coming off because I've been painting so much. Ignasi means “fire”, the pencil is burnt, don’t feel very burnt out thou. Still in Gucci fashion heaven!"






Usually when I try to make my own interpretation of fashion in images, or paintings,  I tend to be a bit of a nerd in the way I make my analysis from my academical perspecive, ethnology and of coursd art and fashion science. It baffles my daily how much my studies at Stockholm University and my vurm for fashion portraits indeed really has changed my own approach when looking at fashion images or paintings. When I analyze these GUCCI images it takes infinitely longer for me now than it would have take before my academic studies.  I often, or mostly, use a method founded by Roland Barthes as a way to systematically analyze images. Barthes' theory lays upon his notions about two orders of designation. He calls these orders: denotation and connotation. In the second scheme, connotation, also includes myths and symbols. A myth in Barthes' sense is a story which within a culture explains or perceive any aspect of reality or nature. Barthes argues that a myth is culture's way of thinking about something; a way of explain something. The myth is denoted the importance of the second order, and the myths is the human need to put labels on things to understand them. The third way for the designation of the second degree Barthes calls for symbols. A sign becomes a symbol in the Convention and use obtained a significance that makes it stand for something else.

Theorist Hall explained that Barthes denotation is the simple, basic, descriptive level, where consensus is wide and most people would agree on the meaning. On the second level - connotation - are these signals / signs that we have been able to "decode" in a simple way by using our conventional conceptual classifications to read their meaning, giving a broader perspective through other types of codes - "fashion language" - which connects them to broader themes and meanings. These bind them with what we can call the wider semantic field in our culture: ideas about the "elegance", "formality", "simplicity" and "romance". The second order then, as in a wider meaning is no longer a descriptive level of obvious interpretation. Here we begin to interpret the completed signs in terms of social ideology - the general beliefs, conceptual frameworks and values ​​in society.

Just to describe one detail thru this system I give you one clear example in the GUCCI image with the cat as a human being: In that picture I thru "denotation" clearly see a boat burning in the picture. Everybody could agree upon that it actually is a boat and it is on fire. This is a fact! Thereafter as I come to the second level "connotation" I decode the meaning in a broader perspecive for example that the boat is in a dramatic situation and burning. Also that the artwork with painting the boat on fire is done is most natural. The second order also provides me with tools to, in a wider meaning, do interpretations by myself based upon myself as a cultural being. In this order I now come to: myths and symbols. Myths are the way I try to lable things to understand them. Why is the boat burning? What is its function in the painting or why did the artist even include the boat in the painting? Here my own interpretation is that the boat is burning in order to show, with this little detail, the entire image as having a connection to history. In modern time we do not use the tradition anymore of burning boats! I do not see any living person on the boat or in the water, so then who put on the fire? This make this new image have a natural connection to old historical paintings, painted many hundred years ago. Maybe a burning arrow was sent from ashore somewhere outside the picture, to set the boat on fire?  In the case of the burning boat I feel I must go ahead to the third way for the designation of the second degree, "symbols". "Symbols" are not always a way to see the picture, they are optional in Barthes method, but in this case "symbols" are clearly there. The boat as a sign becomes a symbol for me as the boat, as an object of significanse in the image, stands for something else or more than the obvious. For myself this boat is a symbol of fashion and how much fashion- and arthistory is relevant for a creative director in the innovation of fashion. If the boat was left out of the image, the image would only make references to being painted in modern time or today. But the burning boat, that part of history with references to a dead body being laid in a boat set on fire from a distance as for a funeral thru ancient history from different kind of traditions, makes the burning boat symbolic.  The burning boat in this image has a function of a symbol for me, a symbol that fashion is eternal and timeless and history and future are depending on each other to make our modern time understandable.

This is my way of enjoying these extraordinaly and magic images. What is your way?  xoxo






All pictures from with courtesy from GUCCI. Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.

a horse in the city

21 November 2017






I really miss having my own horse in the city of Stockholm. <3 When I got my first pony as a birthdaygift as I turned 12 years old, I kept her at Ryttarstadion which is situated a 10 minutes walk from my home near Stureplan. I could ride out for myself in the forests and meadows of wonderful Royal Djurgarden, even though I had to cross streets with traffic sometimes which was always a bit nerve wrecking. At one time my darling Gila got crazy on a bridge at Djurgarden with buses in front of us and behind us with horns on. I will never forget that day!!! I thought Gila was gonna fall over the brickwalls on the sides while she was rising with me on her back. She had a lot of temper my beloved Gila, maybe because she was of high breed, Shagya/Welsh? 

I think of her especially today because International Sweden Horse Show is coming up and I am sad to miss out on that event as being in Dubai then. One reason why I wanted to attend this year was to see the girl that took care of my pony for me (when Gila died so abrouptly be a bursted aorta). Amanda is actually competing in the FEI Pony dressage and earned that exclusive place (4 equipage) by qualifying. That cute girl, Amanda, was the last one riding my darling Gila. Amandas mother actually wrote us the week before Gila passed away and told us that Gila was too difficult for Amanda to ride, so they could not take care of her for us anymore. They would instead buy a well educated and easy horse for Amanda to ride. I do understand the choice that family made then, Gila was not an easy pony to ride. Gila was wild and had a temper of her own, with everyone except for myself. We were a match made in heaven and riding a horse like her daily for years made me a very good dressage rider, or as our A-trainer at Hogsta said once: I was the best dressage young rider she ever seen, although on the wrong horse for dressage, haha! Anyway, I would not trade Gila for a FEI champion horse for the world then!!! Gila was my first love and she has a very special place in my heart forever! We were the best of friends and companions and we will meet one day again in some other place.<3

I am now constantly thinking of buying me a new horse, but I am currently working too much :( Although,  I do think in a year or two I will have found my place in life and then: Well hello there my new best friend!!! xoxo






the scent of luxury

18 November 2017








Being fashionable is not just about clothes and accessoires, it is also about perfumes. The way people sense you and how you want to be presented in that specific area! For myself I often get positive feedback, not just about my personal style, often also about how wonderful I smell. My secret? Well, I smell of the wonderful Orient <3 Earlier this year I received some wonderful fragrances from Saudi Arabia in a beautiful large wooden box. No tags and no heritage written out anywhere.  The beautiful crystal bottles and the fragrances themselves talked straight to my heart. After that gift I turned a bit of a fragrance nerd :) Nowadays I am very picky about smelling good so I prefer to use those high quality fragrances from a handful suppliers in the entire world. Although, I must add that there are perfumes available in Sweden too that I alter with sometimes. Those are Byredo and the scent "Oud Immortal" and ofc the wonderful Louis Vuitton fragrances where my personal favourites are "Matiére Noire", "Apogée" and "Rose des Vents". 

Today is a Saturday best spent for me working at Louis Vuitton. Why not stop by and discover the wonderful scents and what an amazing gift for a very special lady, a wonderful LV fragrance in a custome made LV box? xoxo











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a look in the future - and - a summery

12 November 2017









As I look into the future all I focus on is that I am just a week away from a looong needed vacation with my bestie Angelica in Dubai. Ofc, she will not be free all the time, due to work at Emirates, but we have booked a boattrip to Abu Dhabi to watch the Formula 1.  This is the third vacay this year for me when it comes to travelling to Dubai, one of my favourite places on earth! Pure magic! <3

Then a short summery: Job wise I have been at the Louis Vuitton HQ in Bruxelles the entire week :) Soo much fun and so fulfilling in many ways <3

A weekend summery then when I am at it: Well, last night was partynight and we ended up at Grand Hotel with a bunch of players from Colorado Avalanche. We hang out all night/morning until just before they had to leave for the airport. Great fun, although I must add that they did have some posh attitude that did not get my approvement at all, so I decided just to sneek away. Maybe hockey is so big in Canada and America and that is what makes them brag and stuff? I have hanged out with a whole lot of NHL players from Europe recently, as one in Bostons Bruins that is a czech player, much more fun with a great sense of humour and healthy modesty. Although, I do feel I should not be judging as they all probably have girls hunting them and that might cause them to loose their manners, haha! As for me, I am not that kind of girl at all!!!! On the contrary, I am the one hard to catch, almost impossible! ;)  xoxo





Picture of me in beautiful Dubai earlier this year. 


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