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18 January 2021




I really need some lazy dayz

Been working and studying almost 200% since summer, so now a bit of relaxation and then reflection of 2020 that will guide me on and towards new beginnings. My advanced Curator education at Stockholm University came to an end yesterday, after yet a week filled with both oral and written exams almost every day.  Totally exhausting, although fulfilling and boosting, so worth the true grit.

First off a little celebration at Nobis and do not hate on me, I still have Covid antibodies. Then Sunday - the first in a very long time with no fixed plans so my bed will be my one true love!!! xoxo




Curating in Scheffler Palace - Stockholm

15 January 2021





Jupiter Appearing to Danae Giambattista Tiepolo


Now my internship with curating during November and December in Scheffler Palace has come to an end. I have learned so much about working at a museum with the collections. This was a part of my curator education at Stockholm University. I worked as an assistent to Camilla Hjelm, Head of Art Collections at Stockholm University (I enclose two paintings here)

My tasks has been numereous but foremost to identify  and registrate new art - primarily from historical dress, to do an inventory of art and other objects in the Palace and to hang up art in the newly established art room. A big bonus was working together with my friend Hanna who has more education and knowledge of art, than me being as in being a fashion graduate. 

Now back to the last month of this curator education on advanced university level that finishes with exames in January. This education has boosted my self esteem enormously. Sometimes I degrade myself as in fallin into the preconception other tend to put on woman based upon first appearence. I am who I am regardless of your superstitions and I know I am good. Blonde does not equal dumb and beauty does not take away intelligence. Enough said! 

I will be well prepared for 2021. Covid-19 will keep me in Stockholm during spring, except for some vacationweeks in Dubai Feb-Mar. So with this Said - I am ready for knew challenges. Sweden or abroad? Just hit me up!! xoxo


Sapientia Divina, Divine Wisdom Unsigned


Darkness - just on the surface

14 January 2021







Well, I am not going into darker times - besides being obsessed with spraytan at the moment. Just wanna peep in to keep you updated. 

Currently I am on an internship as part of my ongoing curator education at Stockholm University. It is very different from my everyday normal work in the luxury fashion industry. My position is at the Scheffler Palace in Stockholm where I my work is to identify and catalogize old fashion costume. The internship is just for 5 weeks and after that I have to present my fashion exhibition. An exhibition that is all about fashion photography that is more than an advertisment, campaign or editorial in the sense that it invites to a discussion about problems in todays society as for example wifeabuse, meat industry, equality and so forth.


It has been pure grinding working almost fulltime and studying fulltime, although it has worked out surprisingly well. Besides that thinking about buying a small apartment near where I grew up at Tysta Gatan. I just have to decide first if I will stay in Sweden longterm or not. Descisions, descisions - well that has to wait to spring anyway. Loving life at the moment. xoxo






This week - an update

12 September 2020




Well, this week has mainly been all about reading for my university studies. First off during monday was that I had to submit my reflection on the books "Museums Matter" by James Cuno and also "The Art Museum - From Boulée to Bilbao" by Andrew McClellan. Actually, I submitted my reflection during the weekend as this Monday was all about my other passion, after fashion, as in hanging out in the stable and practising the equistrian sport of dressage that was my whole life growing up owning my own horse. A sport that I have started a-new this summer.

Wednesday was all about a verbal seminarie discussing those books in different chatrooms linked to Stockholm University. After that I have worked at ImageGroup all days including today. During evening and nights I have been reading "A Brief History of Curating" by Hans Ulrich Obrist that really provided  a deep look into museum practice and the connection between the artist, the curator and the public. I had to submit my personal reflection on Monday, although decided to submit it today and got a quick great response from my professor. Tomorrow I will start reading "Fashion and Museums - Theory and Practice"  as I will do a five-minute verbal reflection of that book next week in front of the whole class. I do have to be well prepared as no notes are allowed during the presentation. 

You might ask yourself what these enclosed pictures has to do with this post. Here is the answer - Yesterday I worked with VM (as in being a visual merchandiser) with the fashion monitors we have at Grand Hotel in Stockholm for our franchise brands and our flagshipstores Bottega Veneta and Mulberry. A wonderful setting in a beutiful surrounding. As I was entering the lobby with all those designer shoppingbags filled with bags and accessories a gentleman stopped me and smiled- Someone, has done some serious shopping! he said smiling. I recognized him, but it was later on that day I could put a name to his face. It was our former Swedish Minister of Finance, Anders Borg. He must know fashion as he is married to a fashionista and former singer/artist in the band Army of Lovers.


That`s all folks - and remember - Be good, always! xoxo



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Curator - a new fashion direction

30 August 2020







An update of Alice life - My fashion journey continues in a new direction -  the curator education - in order to develop and strengthen my BA in Arts / Science of Fashion for the future.

When I applied for the education last spring I actually had very low hopes of being accepted. I know my previous work, my education and my high degrees should speak for themselves - I should blame  my low hopes as a fling of low self esteem.

There is something very special about presenting fashion in the most desirable way and at the same time tell a story, or invite the public to form their very own story, based upon a presentation. I am so thrilled to learn more about the "before" and "after" an exhibition. All the work prior to set an exhibition and after - how did it speak to the audience and did it move the audience in any direction?

This education will boost myself both my previous fashion education that was more about media,  commercial and fashionindustry related topics. It will surely also make me see differently on my current job as a visual merchandiser for luxury fashion.

As the education is full-time and I will do an effort to combine it with my current position - No time will be left to care for this homepage in the serious  way I always wanted it to be. So bare with me again - I know I have neglected you - My aim with blogging has always been to vary fashionanalysis, fashion from an acedemic perspective and small fragments of my personal self. I never wanted to be just another influencer selling whatever to keep valid.

That's all Folks - Remember - Be good, always!! xoxo





15 July 2020






Truly exhausted!!! One year without any proper vacation and almost never free from work more than one day in a row makes this vacation highly desired and welcome. 

These last weeks at work has been extra challenging as my wonderful flagshipstore manager ends his contract for a new exciting fashion journey in august. Because of this, I have to learn exactly all his responsiblities. Fun, challenging and at the same time very much to take in. A plus is though that I already have some experence of that line of work previously, so not everything is news for me.

Now - lift off - Marbella. Losts of forms and documents to bring this time, as for exemple proof of me actually having covid antibodies.


I will be back next week and for the first time spend the major part of my vacation in Sweden. Probably in the south of Sweden. Sadly, my family can not travel to our country estate in Åland archipelago due to covid rules as we are not citizens of Åland/Finland. Miss that place, but do think one has to do the best in this situation for oneself and for everyone else.


In all - take responsibility - remember - be good - always xoxo






A very happy Alice

09 July 2020





Well, might be time to uppdate you folks on what's happening in Alice life. Hard to keep up with me as I Do not use this website as frequent as I would love to. To keep it short - One might say business as usual, although gathering options for fall.

Today I got another option added as I got accepted to the post-graduate curator full-time course at Stockholm University upcoming fall/winter. Wiiie, did not see that coming. Almost to good to be true. In order to be accepted you had to have 1. Great grades as in honors with average A-B on your BA courses, 2. A private letter, 3. A superb BA thesis and 4. Motivate how the education would boost your career. (Another criteria was those for Ph students)

Never - Ever thought I would be picked out and accepted in the first round of hundreds of students. Superthankful as this truly provides options for after summer. 

Back to this summer and plans in the strange times of Covid 19. Two days left at work and then vacay -  yay. First up next week - Marbs. After that no fixad plans, although many options in that area open too. 

Just gotta be thankful for Alice life in wonderland. xoxo


Best looks - rtw fall 2020 - Part 3

06 March 2020






Louis Vuitton






Truly been a busy-bee this week, so bare with me. Here I present part 3 of my choice of best looks. All taken from my personal fav collections for rtw fall 2020. This complete this short summery. Up-coming weekend I will present my choices of best details as in bags, shoes and accessoires. Next weekend though I have planned to go even deeper. I will then provide an analysis of fashion movements based upon my academical fashion science and ethnological perspective. Have a great weekend!!! xoxo







Alexander Mcqueen


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Best looks - rtw fall 2020 - Part 2

29 February 2020





Bottega Veneta


Saint Laurent



Well here is part 2 and that is about it - today at least.

Stay curious as I will continue my up-dates tomorrow. Now off for dinner. And remember dudes - Be good - always xoxo







Off White



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Best looks - rtw fall 2020 - part 1

29 February 2020







Haider Ackermann





Here we go again! Or, at least I will try to keep you up-dated on my fav looks for up-coming fall/winter. First up - I will go thru all the latest collections and choose the best looks from the collections I loved the most of course. After all these blogposts consisting of looks are completed - I will do a short summery of the must-have bags, shoes and accessoires in posts called - Details. Stay true - but most of all - Stay humble! xoxo



Dries van Noten


Dolce & Gabbana


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the world keep spinning - or is it just my head?

24 February 2020








Well, long time no seen! Pardon my absence from updating you about my everyday life. Been a busy bee, almost got my head spinning. Short summery follows here:


- Career/work? Well, been working non-stop at ImageGroup. A job devided in three (3) parts. 1. Assistant Manager - ImageGroup - Visual Merchandiser as in being responsible for all the ImageGroup stores in Stockholm/Sweden with brands as Versace, Off-White, Dolce&Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, Mulberry A wide fashion spectra with high-end multibrand stores as well as flagship stores. Much to do and my sense of styling always get challenged and developed, especially when I work closely with the Global VM Managers to fix everything from windows to interior design. My personal goals are always to fulfill the brand guidlines and the customers expectations of the products in the most desirable way. 2. CRM responsibility where the task is all about social behaviour and fashion knowledge. To gain and maintain a strong relationship, both with our customers and also with for example the fashionpress that comes in- store to choose fashion for editorals. 3. Senior fashion advisor with back office work also including staff training. I really must add that all this work is the main reason for my absence here. I work much more than fultime and seldom has two days off in a row- Therefor family comes first and there has been no time over to focus on this homepage. I will now try to change this...


- My private life? It is still - my private life :) I came down with a serious pneumonia (as in covid 19)  during this winter with a slow recovering as I worked with high fever way to early, too much and too soon. At last I finally got the new test results from my CT and finally - finally I got the go-sign for starting training again as my health is now top-notch again, as it usually is.  I do miss that almost daily routine of keeping fit for body and mind. Now, back to training as usual. Preferably at Sturebadet before breakfast. Love it.


- My fashion journey? Well, time for keeping up with what is what in the fast moving world of fashion has been a struggle lately. Of course I get my fashionmagazines monthly from all corners of the world. Although my favourite are still Vogue (Italian, Paris, US and UK). This week I will try to post my personal reflection from watching the latest collections for RTW FW2020. So far - been superimpressed by Bottega Veneta and Prada. 


That´s about it - Make sure to peep in here again before the weekend - You might be suprised.

Finally - Remember folks - Be Kind - Always!!! xoxo






august 2019 - an update

14 August 2019







Just grabbed some lunch and thought I ought to peep in here to keep you updated of my life. Sorry for my absence, although not sorry for the reasons for it :) Summer has been absolutely amazing with lots of travels both abroad and to the wonderful archipelago of Stockholm. Off again the day after tomorrow for an extended weekend - destination London - familytime with my father. Then off again next weekend with friends :)


Yesterday I signed a new job contract, wiie!!! New responibilities and new challenges in the luxury fashion industry of Stockholm that starts off in September. Thrilled of course and even more so as I only last week declined a jobinterview for Christian Dior abroad. I thought about it hard, even more so as I got the offer so unexpected and without a previous contact. Blessed and flattered for sure - I mean Christian Dior -  although Stockholm/Sweden feels right for me at this moment in time. I got quite many joboffers this last month, quite unexpected but most welcome, as I did not reach out and applied for any job myself. Now - decision done - thrilled!


At home, renovation still in progress until September. After everything is absolutely on fleek home - housewarming party a la Alice coming up. Also need to find an awesome kinder(dog)garden for my darling yorkie Krispy Kreme who hates to be at home alone as I myself will start working :) Another thing - Even though I still miss my daily life owning my own horse, who passed away so unexpectedly too young a couple of years back - I yearn to start fresh with a new dressagehorse as soon as I am settled in life. Horses and hounds - a lifestyle for Alice <3 


Now off to Alexander Meyer to style my hair. Simply adore those superfly hair-flips, don't we. Later beeps! xoxo







top 5 trends on my mind - fw 2019

30 May 2019




Well, I have been abscent for a while. Do not dispear though! This last week I have been a busy bee going thru all collections for upcoming fall winter in order to provide my personal forecast of trends next season. Now I have time to continue where I let go about a year ago, my will to provide a different more serious and also from a academic perspecive, fashionblogging. Wanna be on fleek just keep following me, hehe!! (Do not forget that you can always click on image of your choice for a closeup) xoxo



1. The eighties (80s)


Off White, Isabel Marant, Saint Laurent and Elie Saab

Glitz, glam and shoulders as the 80s should be. You feel that disco vibe of Studio 54, aight! 



2. The punk or might even be the grunge


Philipp Plein, Alexander McQueen, Dsquared2 and GUCCI

Be bold, be insubordinate and show off your inner boldiness and awesomeness on the outside! Make your way in black, sharp lines, check, lace and metal!



3. Hound´s tooth


Balenciaga, Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Dolce & Gabbana

Dress to be the center of attention. Wear, for instance bold prints as the hound´s tooth, maybe from head to toe. Noone remembers a coward! 



4. Accessoires 


Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Versace

No one remembers a covard! Go big or go home is the trend. Overdo it in every sense with maximus accessoires, big belt with waist in focus and futuristic shades


5. Hats on


Versace, Fendi, Christian Dior and Tom Ford

Animal feeling or just a bit of fluffy, its all up to you! 



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United Arab Emirates - home sweet home

13 May 2019



This world is so small, as a dear friend once wrote about love. Now, it strucks me that it is really true in so many ways. I have only been home about a month and during this time I have moved into a property owned by ADIA Abu Dhabi Investment Authority) in Stockholm Sweden. This is the only property, or block, owned by AIDA in Sweden as they bought Sturegallerian AB many years back.

During my long vacations in UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) I have had the privilage to meet both members from the Al Nahyan and Al Maktoum families at for example Polo Tournaments and Forumla 1. To my experience, and as I know many emirates investors, they do have a special sense of business for real estate and at the very highest level. Although, they would be truly disappointed of what the responsible company in Sweden has done to this cultural building from the early 19th century that I have an apartment in. I do think it must be the worse kept property in all Sweden. Bad PR for a country I love so much, even though I am absolutely sure the owners know nothing about this, yet!

Well my family is working hard now to get things in motion and working endlessly to force a restoration of this highly protected cultural property and I am sure everything will be fixed, sooner or later :) I feel I live in my home from home in some way, as I miss UAE and all my wonderful friends living there and ofc the magic sunsets! xoxo









louis vuitton - ss2020 resort

10 May 2019








As I looked thru the new Louis Vuitton collection by Nicolas Ghesquière I felt immidiate - You truly keep thru to your beliefs. A Louis Vuitton collection by this master has always been a mix between heritage and craftsmanship on one side - on the other side technology, innovation and a look into the future. This collection is no exception to the rules that applies by Ghesquière. As I as always tend to look for signs from history or rather get a blast from the past - BANG - 1980s is strong now - although in a new interpretation. The women look soo strong and independent, yet so feminine. That is not always easy to mix and make to a success. You did it again Ghesquière! xoxo







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chanel - virginie viard - ss2020 resort

10 May 2019








The first collection for Chanel with its new creative director is this, Chanel ss 2020 Resort. Viard has been working closely with master Karl Lagerfeld for many many years. She began working with Lagerfeld at Chloé. For Chanel she has worked for over 20 years with Lagerfeld where she helt the position as studio direcor. It would be wrong of me to compare the two creative directors as they have worked toghether for so many years. Who is who and who did inspire the other one in what look?  What I can say is that there is much evidence in this collection in form of a rememberance of earlier collections by Lagerfeld. In that sence she is keeping Chanel as Chanel should be, bringing her own more feminine softness and ease as i do believe is reflecting her woman´s perspecive. I do love Viards first collection and her I present my top looks and top details! xoxo







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best collections - rtw fall 2019 - part II

05 March 2019












Haider Ackermann






Part II of RTW Fall 2019! (Click on image for a closer look or to download) xoxo





Off White


Saint Laurent


Tom Ford




Zuhair Murad



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best collections - rtw fall 2019 - part I

05 March 2019






Alexandre Vauthier



Alexander McQueen









Without any explanation why - Here I present my personal choice of best collections for rtw fall2019! I have looked thru all the collections, my choices of best collections are here only represented by 4 looks. (Although, the collections represented here has so much more to offer, so do not miss out on the entire collections at  Feels legit to mention that this selection of rtw 2019 will be diveded in 2 posts! (Click on image of your choice for a closer look or to download) Laters xoxo







Dolce & Gabbana



Dries van Noten



Elie Saab



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Last update - and summery - 2018

30 December 2018










Hello chicks and dudes! Long time no seen. When I think about this blog - It feels legit to check in here to update you about the life of Alice in Wonderland and also provide you with a short summery of my 2018.

This year has made a hugh impact on me as a person. Ups and downs have made me grew a lot and empowered me in ohh so many ways:


Bottom 3 during 2018

1. My only true mutual acknowledged soulmate ever, passed away in april. I always thought we would end up together one day, although forced apart against our wills in july 2015. When we first met, like looking in a mirror. Two souls alike! His sudden death cut my heart and sorrow struck me down and still lingers on a daily basis. I will cherish all those private memories - his loving hands never letting go while sleeping, the way he looked at me, his kind and shy smile and our discussion about everyday life  <3

2. After this I could not stay in Stockholm. Therefor I ended my contract at LV in July (still miss my lovely work, team and customers badly) to flee away and travel the world with the ambition to get my mojo back in life.

3. I have made many final decisions during 2018 that also meant leaving people behind me that has drained me and my positive energy and taken my kindness, generosity and loyalty for granted during so many years. These decisions was not any sudden ones at all - yet no walk in the park - although necessary.


Top 3 during 2018

1. I have been discovering the world: Paris, London, Marbella, Miami - and during several months during fall - Dubai. I have fallen in love with Dubai and its boosting energy, therefor I will begin 2019 wtih another period of 3 months starting off today.

2. Dubai gave me the right energy to help me sort out a lot of things both private and professional. I truly got my mojo back bigtime late fall/winter and this has strengthen- and provided me with the right tools to set goals for my future.

3. This year has been an eyeopener in many ways. I now feel like an empowered woman - confident in myself and my choices. I have more then ever before received proof that my personality - based upon my belief that kindness, loyalty and strong ethics - is the right guidelines for my life.  I am always trying my admost to be the best person I possibly can be. 


This is all for me for now. My ride, bf Jenny, awaits to drive me to the airport. Lift-off Dubai! I adore that magic place in the world. What is not to love about Dubai? Well, I can not think about one single thing! Bye bye 2018 and ya all out there stay true to yourself and remember: Be kind, always!! xoxo











happy father´s day

11 November 2018









Today I celebrate my father, my rock! He is one of those fathers that are all about family and spreading love and joy constantly <3 That might not be so frequent nowadays with a family father that combines hard work and career with daily quality time with his children? As I grew up my father went from being a DJ to working with cars (exclusive cars and old muscle cars). I do think music and cars has always been his passions in life. Therefor we have always had a DJbooth at home and a variety of old and new cars due to season :) He has also always been a bit of a rascal. Going against the flow and being a bit naughty, hehe! I have soo many stories about him to just tell a few:


- He taught me how to drive at age 4. I was sitting in his lap drivning a muscle car where our county house is. At this time I do think it was the Plymouth RoadRunner 69´ 440 sixpack or the Dodge Charger 68´with a 426 Hemi. I was a genious from childhood recognizing cars, well taught by my father as we always went to muscle cars meetings all over Sweden.

-As I was little I was all into tennis. Everyday after dads work, often late evening/night we went out in the neighboorhood playing tennis at the schoolyard. We also bought special french cheeses from a local posh cheese store at Sibyllegatan and hided those bits at the schoolyard to the rats:) At least until the local newspaper (Östermalmsnytt) wrote about at a ratinvasion at the schoolyard.

-As I started to be interested in horses and got my first own horse on my 12th birthday, daddy walk the horse and cuddle it and took care of it everyday after work. Even though he was so scared and my little shagaya arab was a wild creature in every sense. All for his daughter.

-As me and my friends started going to a teenager disco, my father was always there for security. He took a limousine or hummer from work and collected all my friends from all over town and left us off at Elverket. He waited outside those few hours until the disco closed. After, he drove all the children to make sure they made it home safely after midnight. 

- I also remember that our family always had a sense of "everybody is welcome". For instance I remember a Halloween party when I was about 7 years old. As my family is well connected, we got to use the English Embassey in Stockholm for that party. We invited ALL the kids around my age from school, and I am talking about 60 kids!! All these kids arrived at the Embassey while the parents was refuses to enter due to diplomatic and security rules and left the kids at the gates. This is one thing with my family, always welcoming and generous. 



Well well, a walk down memory lane from a wonderful upbringing in the best of familys. I could not ask for more as I always had uncondintional love. I am that kind of person that always tend to go all-in with my interests in life and I have always been supported by my family. Now I am off for a dinner at my grandparents. Today is "Happy father´s day" so we have to celebrate my wonderful grandpa too.  I do expect a traditionl Swiss Fondue for dinner tonight! Laters beeps! xoxo







without you

20 October 2018











20th of October 2018: Today, 6 months since you left this world behind! And 3 years since he/them broke our lingering hands and forced us apart! I still grieve daily although I know you are in a better place now! I escaped Stockholm and tried to run away from tears to get my mojo back in life, I am on my way now although I will never forget you and us. I will never forget our hopes for a future together and acknowledging a soul mate. I promise to continue beliving that we have "The Fountain" as reassurance! In loving memory xoxo










louis vuitton - philip corne

19 October 2018









You must know about now that I am a bit of a geek when it comes to learing about the luxury global fashion industry :) Both from a fashion science and ethografical perspective, I just suck up"lesson about luxury fashion" preferable from relevant forums or traditional news. 

Recently, at B&T Breakfast Club, Louis Vuitton Australia’s non-executive director Philip Corne, who’s also the non-executive chairman of Cure Cancer Australia held his speech: ‘Retail marketing, how it’s changing and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve’. That man truly confirm many of my personal analysis of the luxury market, both from my academic studies of it and from all my years of working within luxury fashion retail. Therefor, in no particular order I choose to show you some sentences that are spot-on right and gives me a reassurrance that I am not alone with some of my thoughts about luxury fashion:


"At LVMH and in particular Louis Vuitton – you have a chairman, major shareholder, and company that is never satisfied – if 3 words are spoken – innovation and creativity are 2 of them – the drive for growth is relentless.

The consumer today – unlike the past – has the power of information at their finger-tips. The world can be shopped from anywhere any time.

In my mind however – what has always been true remains the true. It starts with your product – is it genuine – does it have a clear point of difference – does it have a market – can it be priced effectively into that market – are margins sufficient to produce an appropriate return – is the business scalable – the need to embrace relentless attention to detail and who is your competition both existing and potential?

An added complexity is that having the best product is not enough. Assuming all the boxes above can be ticked then the questions remain:

What is the brand story and how to tell it?
Is it genuine?
Can it stand the test of time?
How to communicate to your current and potential client?
When has this ever been different?

The mode of delivery may have changed but the objective and message remain the same.

I hear much about luxury – an easily used word – apparently now you can purchase luxury toilet paper – computers etc. I hear that personalisation is luxury, surprise and delight is luxury, client experience is luxury, scarcity is luxury – maybe.

In my view the currency of luxury today is trust – trust in product, providence, sustainability, retail environment and trust in the fact that relationship takes precedence over transaction – understanding that if the relationship is established the transaction will follow and trust must be consistently maintained over time.

In terms of marketing therefore regardless of the method of delivery the brands that in my view will win are those that understand these basics and have at the centre of all they do an obsession with having the client as the reason for their existence.".



Take a moment and think about this sentences and what they tell about the time we live in and what effect contemorary living has on the luxury fashion market. Earlier on at this blog I have posted many clips and texts about LVMH and Louis Vuitton (check out by my searchfunction above). Feels legit for me as I have been in perfect company during these 2 last years. / xoxo



lvmh - luxury fashion market - china

10 October 2018








During my Fashion Science education at Stockholm University I was thrilled to learn not just about fashion in terms of fashionhistory, fashionmedia, luxury fashion, creating image and branding or dresshistory, but sooo many courses was also about the global fashionmarket, economy within the fashionindustry and also about the aspects of nationality in fashion both contempory and historically. To add up to this,  all those courses of ethnology keeps me on my toes especially in areas of customer behaviour within the luxury fashionindustry of today.

Of course I try, even though my BA was taken almost 2 years ago,  to keep up with the constant changes at the global fashion market. Of course, I do try to keep you, my faithful readers, updated as well :)

I have read a lot of articles on-line these last few days about the reason for the recent fall of luxury fashion stocks. As I am still all into LVMH and Louis Vuitton ofc, this is my first priority . Apparently this drop is a result of how Chinese customs authorities are stepping up border checks on returning travelers, confirming speculation on social-media networks and deepening a selloff in luxury companies’ shares. LVMH Chief Fiancial Officer Jean-Jacques Guiony said: “The Chinese authorities have some laws that are being enforced with some more strength at times, which is what we’re seeing now”. Last weeks social media reports has reported that China is stepping up border checks in an effort to curb the flow of unauthorized imports of luxury fashiongood as from luxury fashionhouses as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and so on.(Apparently the Chinese market of this luxury fashion is about a third of the industry´s sales and a majority of its growth. I do seems akward that LVMH shares should drop, as for example the last quarterly report is increasing accordingly with analyst forecasts. Although the market is the market and national political decisions always affects shares somehow, shortterm at least)

You might not have knowledge about the word "Daigou Market"? Well, it is a parallell market or some even call it the gray market of imports. For example Chinese residents buy Louis Vuitton luxury products overseas, where prices are lower, then sell these goods with profit on their retur back home to China. This affects the nation fashion companies stores. LVMHs Guiony said about this that it "is not something that we welcome or that we try to promote.". He also add that there are company limits of number of items that customers can buy at the stores, as I know myself for a fact working at Louis Vuitton in Stockholm for such a long time. Guiny also stated that: Despite the risk of unauthorized arbitrage in LVMH’s goods, the company has no plans to equalize prices in China and abroad.


This is all about the subject for now!


Btw, are you interested in similiar articles about the luxury fashion market there is some long articles and even clips from fashion forums at this website (just search with key words) One of my favourite clip is from a forum held Oxford, starring the head of LVMH Bernard Arnault, and I choose to enclose it below once again. xoxo






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crown princess victoria - fashion

07 October 2018










I still, ever since the start of my work with the thesis about Crown Princess Victoria and fashion, follow her every fashionable movement :) As I now live in Dubai I was curious if she had ever been here? Well, it seems she has been here on several occations, both in private and as official (pic from 2011).

I wonder how she will dress the next time she visit the Middle-East, as she will visit Amman and Beirut in a couple of weeks? Will she have a different approach to fashion, as she have changed her choices enourmosly since my thesis. I do think this change was a result of my work closely with the Royal Court and at the Royal Castle during fall/winter 2016-2017.  I made many fashion suggestions in order to make her choices in fashion improve her branding and marketing as a CrownPrincess, a member of the Swedish Royal family and representing Sweden and Swedish companies. If you wanna read more, you may seek at this site. One post, as an example, you may read thru link here! xoxo




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dubai - last days

07 October 2018








The last days has gone by soo fast! Loved every minute of them <3 One of my bffs arrived last wednesday so we have really been busy. I want to show her as much as possible of my lovely paradise on earth, Dubai! Every day and night has been filled with exploring!

The top of these last days was a Friday birthday celebration and then a Saturday spent with a couple of friends at his own amazing place Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club. You all know my love for horses, although my sport is dressage! It is amazing to see a sport with magnificant horses that I never experienced before, polo! Thrilling sport in an amazing enviroment! Loved it! xoxo





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louis vuitton ss2019 - space

03 October 2018









Paris FashionWeek is now ended for this season! What a show of modernity and innovation in future fashion genious Nicolas Ghesquière for Louis Vuitton. Although, hold up! I am not gonna provide any analysis yet, only express that I am impressed, deeply impressed! Here I provide my personal choice of best looks and some detail images from the collection. House of Louis Vuitton is something truly special for me and this makes me long back to my collegues at Louis Vuitton. Might be back there this winter, or? xoxo










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paris fashionweek - part V

02 October 2018






Alexander McQueen



The most wanted always comes late :) Alexander McQueen was pure magic: Powerful women with a whole new approach armed for the future in the most beautiful way. Very very strong and innovative fashion forward collection by Sarah Burton. Pure love! 

Chanel, as strong as ever keeping to its classic with new cuts, materials, silhouettes and twists! J´adore!

Superexcited to see how Nicolas Ghesquière with his collection for Louis Vuitton will mesmerize me tonight! A show that feels like the grand finale of Paris FashionWeek, before it even started! High high expectations in other words.







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paris fashionweek - part IV

01 October 2018







Elie Saab



Part IV of my top collections updates from Paris FashionWeek is on! The best is yet to come I presume? Waiting for the big three for me: Alexander McQueen, Chanel and of course Louis Vuitton <3 As usual I do presume those collections will get there own posts here, one by one! Will see? xoxo










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paris fashionweek - part III

29 September 2018






Alexandre Vauthier




Haider Ackermann




So, this is part three of my presentation, out of personal taste, of the best looks from the best collections during shown at on-going Paris Fashionweek. (For you who follow this blog on mobile, make sure to click on image of your choice for a closer look). A few days left of this wonderful fashionweek and if you ask me, the best is yet to come. High high expectations for up-coming collections from fashionhouses as Alexander McQueen, Chanel and ofc Louis Vuitton <3 xoxo









Zuhair Murad



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