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Marbella - I salute you

28 July 2018










Just got home darker then ever before! My fair skin has got a legit spraytan and now I do feel ready for Marbs :) Flight later tonight/early morning. We have rented a villa all for our selves in perfect location. As we will arrive early morning we have already booked Nikki Beach Sunday to start off this amazing part of our vacations. No, blogging so if you wanna stalk me, welcome on instagram :) xoxo





Image by amazing fashion photographer Robert Nettarp. A true fashion master and a very dear friend of my mother. Robert passed away way to early. Genious!


got lit today - fashion fuel

27 July 2018









This morning just after I woke up, I started searching the internet! The result was like putting gasoline on my fashion senses and really got me spinning! You must know how I do adore the deep discussions about the luxury fashion industry! Both from my ethnologic (relations between humans) and fashion scientific academic background. I am convinced that my education (and personality) has helped me enourmously in my previous luxury sales jobs and even more so at my current work Louis Vuitton (yepp still on contract though on vacay) as client adviser. Maybe it is these two factors (personality and academic choices) that are the the simple reasons why I am labelled "superseller".

More and more often, nowadays nearly daily, I do feel I want to move "upwards and onwards". I want to really make use of my education. This blog gives me a space to express and challenge one really strong side in me, analysis of the luxury fashion industry. It also challenge me to think ahead: What will the luxury fashion industry look like, shortterm and longterm. Where will products and customers meet and what  will make the meetings successful for both parties? It also helps me to stay updated in innovation, designs and modernity within the fashion industry! I feel a solid obligation keeping this blog, with so many viewers from all over the world, and in order to keep it valid and legit as a deeper fashion blog then any other blog I have ever read. If I would start counting I do think that this last year I have spent avarage about 20 hours a week on this blog, even more at its birth a couple of years back. I constructed the homepage all by myself and got a systemarchitect to build it up technical together with me. This is foremost a blog out of personal interest to keep update and provide a whole new type of blogging in this world, without any payment, adlinks or profit. :)

I also do like to share some articles that I do consider reflections, or challenges, to my own ideas about the luxury fashion industry. Here I present 2 articles I have been thinking inspired by about this morning: 1. An openhearted and very sinister interview that I do adore with Antoine Arnault. He speaks frankly about everything from customers segments (Virgil Abloh for instance), the family company LVMH,  creating a better industry (#metoo and skinny models). The article you may read yourself at South China Morning Post thru link here. 2. The second article is most thrilling from Jing Daily and about "How Louis Vuitton upped its digital game in China". You can find it on link, here! (On left of the article are links to "other posts" consisting interesting articles about luxury fashion). 

Now about yesterdays and todays: Yesterday evening I went to the Louis Vuitton store to catch up with my collegues and grab a dinner out with the whole Stockholm "LV family". I already miss them so much and yet my vacation has just begun <3 This really got me thinking that my future is at Louis Vuitton. I do not really know if I would prefer to get some opportunity to try on PR/Marketing or continue as a Client Advisor. What I do care about is that I need a steady career talk asaå, as I have been getting strong feelings about being open for a career in management. I do want to have some goals these upcoming 5 years. I am very strategic, yet very adaptable, so it would be just right for me to get some assurance in what direction LVMH want sme to move forward too :) Today, is all about hunting! Hunting for new shoes :) I never buy fashion that I do not absolutely adore and desire. Seems hard to find the perfect new evening shoes in Stockholm at the moment? Will give search for these another shot today! xoxo




mmm - marbella

26 July 2018









Woke up early today. First an early appointment and then off to meet one of my lovely LV clients, who nowadays also is my dear friend,  for a lunch out with her daughter <3. These days are all about gaining energy and gettning prepared for next lift off. Come this weekend - Marbs here I come. :) These pics you might wonder what they have to do with anything? Well, happy girl smiling providing vibes of the smooth summer evening feeling, in a beautiful tan!!  I seldom do extraordinary things for appearence, for Marbella I will actually prepare with a spraytan! You know I am very fair skin and skinny, now I want to be dark tanned showing off my lean and toned muscles for once. Is that being too vain and superficial? Guess so, although love it! xoxo






Pictures: Romee Strijd captured by Jan Welters for Vogue Netherlands 2017


crown princess victoria - colorful changes

19 July 2018








The Swedish Crown Princess Victoria has just been celebrated on her birthday. Hurray hurray!! Today, as I had a bit of time to spare, I went on-line thinking about what impact I still might have on her dress choices. Maybe I am too presemptuous? I was thrilled that last week the Swedish Royal Fashionblog in Svensk Damtidning, wrote that the Crown Princess has done it again. The Crown Princess has made a huge change in her fashion choices during these last 2 years and for instance dares to stand out in colorful looks. I love it! Actually, that was one of my many suggestions in a change of style that I expressed in my fashion scientific thesis at Stockholm University: "For Sweden in time - Crown Princess Victoria and dress in royal duties". The thesis is available through Stockholm University in Swedish (English abstract) thru link here

Let me tell you a bit about the thesis: I got the opportunity to work closely with members of the Royal Court for my thesis. The reason behind that I actually was the first person accepted to look into the choices for royal wardrobe are many. I wrote a little about it in my "introduction" to the thesis. Anyway, never before had contemporary Swedish royalty and fashion been theoretical analyzed, also in comparison with other contemporary European royal families and with a background in the history of royalty and fashion (huge thanks also to BBC documentary "Tales of Royal Wardrobe"). Although the focus with interviews, questionnaires and visual material lay on the Crown Princess Victoria and her fashion choices in the creation of her image and her as a brand. One part of the essay was an analysis about the creation of the wedding exhibition "Royal Wedding Gowns 1976-2015". I interviewed, amongs others at the Royal Court, the head of the Kungl. Husgerådskammaren Margareta Nisser-Dalman, who was an incredibly charming lady with deep academic knowledge, wide experience and huge attentions for details that contributed enourmously. The interview with Crown Princess Victorias stylist Tina Törnqvist, was one part of the material. Although, her choices I felt was way too conservative, so suggestions in thinking different in royal dress choices had to be done I thought. Her stylist wanted her to be modest, not to stand out so much etc. I on the other hand, based upon history and primarily from British Royalties historically, wanted the Crown Princess to "pop out". I wanted her to wear vintage (as she did after the thesis as she wore some of Queen Silvias dresses from the 70s with huge impact even in Vogue). I wanted her to be bold and stand out in vibrant colors and patterns (as for instance British Queen Victoria did as she always staged herself in public and on paintings to be the middle of attention with her dresschoices). I wanted her to choose more national designs and more sustainable fabrics, as now she does. Since the beginning of my research I always sent my drafts to the Royal Court (2016). At my last visit at the Royal Castle during that period I was informed that the Crown Princess herself was most interested in my work and was about to read the thesis in full. To me, it seems that I did have a huge impact. It seems the Crown Princess has taken in my many suggestions and now choose her looks in a different way then before. Even though her stylist has been given all the credit for this transformation in media, I do think the credit should be due to the Crown Princess herself. Like Queen Victoria of Britain I am certain she will be a great Swedish Queen Victoria in the future, a fashionable one too :) 

About the essay, I've cut out a bit in the long academic degree justification here, although I must add that my academic background does not only consist of fashion science. I also studied many courses, for more then a year, in ethnology and primarly courses about creating image based upon topics as class etc. Stockholm University Institution for Media Studies wrote: An ambitious essay on a hitherto barely researched topic of importance to Swedish contemporary fashion culture. The paper covers a wide range of materials, from interviews to press photographs and an exhibition, using a flexible approach in its analysis, where interesting observations and thoughts are linked to relevant prior research. You show independence and originality as well as great commitment in your thinking. An important work that is characterized by commitment and creative independent thinking.

Sometimes I do think I want to continue my studying and sometimes I do think I want to get the chance to work in some way with one of my fav topics "Royal Fashion" Well, who knows what the future has in store for little me! The fashionworld is soo much larger then Alice little Wonderland.:) xoxo








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time to kick this summer off

16 July 2018










Monday early early morning as I am waiting for a friend to pick me up in a car - destination ferry towards Gotland! It has become quite a tradition for me to spend this special "Stockholmsvecka" in Gotland! An entire week with a transformation of the medieval capital of Gotland, Visby - into "let it all hang out" with superDJs all week! Quite the happening during Swedish summers :) The days will be best spent poolside, although my very very fair skin only permits a shady position! Well, not shady in that sense :) xoxo






louis vuitton - au revoir

14 July 2018











I woke up this morning with butterflies in my stomach. Not for love, just that flickering feeling while going through changes :) Today is my very last day at Louis Vuitton Stockholm! At least, this time around!? The up-coming months will be all about getting my mojo back, not that I have lost it completely. Although I am in need of focusing on innerself and mindfulness. I am looking forward to getting inspirations and guidiance in life, while travelling for a couple of weeks in Europe and later on living for a couple of months in Dubai. 

These last few weeks has been social media free for me as you might have noticed? (Except for checking in as answering messages and so on). I have got really empowered this short time off <3 More in harmony and less stressed by nothingness while listening to music, visiting museums, taking long strolls, reading books and having long deep discussions about life, hopes and dreams.

I do understand social media completely in staying valid as for marketing, PR and so forth as for example in the fashionindustry and the people within. Yet, I tend to question my own need for showing my private life and looking at others as well, at least when I am not a public figure at all? What is the really the point? The people you want to surround yourself with, why not meet them more often (mobiles down)?Loved ones and colleagues on a distance, well hello Facetime and Skype :) 

Back-to-basics: On my last workday at Louis Vuitton I really have to show you these cuties. The Louis Vuitton "New Wave" bag collection. I want them all!! I might not be working at Louis Vuitton professional for now, but I am surely gonna continue being a Louis Vuitton passionista in private!  xoxo






All bags from the campaign by Louis Vuitton on releasing their "New Wave" collection.



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louis vuitton women´s fw 2018

06 July 2018









There is truly something adorable with the connection of French fashion and the word "chic". It is the essence of France: Lovely, female, strong, modern and high end classy for women. The amazing collection, I feel created with the deepest respect for heritage yet so fashion innovative and genious in its designs by Nicolas Ghesquière for Louis Vuitton, makes even me desire these women ;) 

Btw, now just a few days left for me this time around at Louis Vuitton. It has been an amazing last year <3 I work tomorrow Saturday and next week Wednesday-Saturday. Then bye-bye or maybe bye-bye for now? Where will my place in the wonderful world of fashion be after my extended vacation? I do not know yet! All I know I will truly miss the wonderful place I nowadays call my second home, Louis Vuitton! xoxo






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top new looks presented this week

06 July 2018








Everything is not about haute couture! Even though as couture week has finished it may have seemed so :) These are looks from other collections that just have been showed off. Brilliant are they not? Best looks according to my personal flavour, buisiness as usual you might say! xoxo



Calvin Klein 205W39NYC







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last week - haute couture 2018

05 July 2018
















These are the best looks according to my personal taste from my selection of top haute couture collections this last week. Gorgeous! xoxo




Jean Paul Gaultier




Elie Saab


Armani Privé


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french luxury - new world order?

04 July 2018








As I studied Fashion Science and the courses about the topic "luxury" I still remember how Christopher Berry and his book "Luxury Goods" really got to me. A real eyeopener! Berry is very certain in the way he makes it perfectly clear that that "luxury" has always been associated with "desire". If we look at "luxury" in contemporary advertising we find outselves suddenly dealing with a paradox. Is it possible for fashion houses to mass produce products and, on the other hand, proclaim that their products are "luxury goods" as to imply exclusiveness. Luxury goods has its base upon seemingly being associated with expensiveness and rarity. Although, luxury is not something static, it is dynamic, it is subject to development, as the desires and beliefs. In contemporary society, luxury is regarded as an essentially innocent desire and ownership of luxury goods is associated with power, wealth and taste. But in history, as for example in Roman and Medieval societies, ”luxury” was a threat to exclusivity by representing the subversivenesss of private desire. A huge change to the way we look opon luxury today as the ”message” reinforces the legitimacy of such desire. 


There has also been a change in the way consumers look upon luxury fashion these last years. The most wealthy people who choose to be luxury fashion consumers tends to more and more have a penchant for low-key and log-free fashion products and this view is growing in the world. There is a shift that has been going on a while where the movement for high-end fashion is focusing on the personalisation and individuality as the ultimate goal with a fashion product. This customer group, growing and growing, want the luxury fashion products not be short-lived in a time when instagrams, fashion blogs and live-streamed catwalks show that trends are changing faster than ever. A luxury retailer analysis by retailar consultant (former head of Valentino) June Haynes recently said that: "Today, it's really about discreet luxury". Charles Lawry (associate professor at Pace Univerity, Luxury Marketing) has the same ideas about a change in the luxury fashion industry and said: "I think because customers have started to notice changes in their own income and income for others, they begin to feel a little yuppie debt about purchasing goods with logos" and "It's the thought that you do not want to act as if you're trying to brag about the products you own." Some of the global luxury brands adapted quickly to this new reality. As for example did Louis Vuitton hire Nicolas Ghesquiere, a designer who is generally regarded as one of the world's leading innovators, to act as his new creative director. With his very first collection of the brand, Ghesquiere did not completely ignore the logo but gave rise to different interpretations.

If we look from the consumer´s perspective: Luxury consumption is almost necessary for the maintenance of social status. Dwight Robinson wrote that "The motivation for luxury consumption is not the pursuit of demonstrabel rarity for its own sake, it is for the sake of social perception". I do think that the future of luxury fashion and how to be valid and increase sales is to offer loyal high-end consumers a sale as a memorable moment too. Luxury consumer are increasingly spending more and more money on experiences as exotic travels to the NorthPole or a dinner at a Michelin restaurant, rather than on goods. I think that the luxury fashion houses of today has to stay valid by creating a special oasis for their key customers. An experience, after all, is something you can not put a label on.

My thoughts are based upon my ideas about how a global luxury fashion house can keep and take shares of this market in the future. I think that it is becoming more and more about meeting the customers on the platsforms they want to meet. All to little in the fashion industry of today is about the human need of being seen and validated while buying their luxury products. Sadly! The experience of a sale and what is surrounding it should get more focus if you ask me.

Although this is just a short flash of my current thoughts about the world of luxury fashion and based upon my own impressions of the first Louis Vuitton menswear collection by Virgil Abloh. A superfly and cool collection, a vip front row with all American royalties from Instagram and Reality shows kicked up with musicians, Kardashian and Kanye. Can you beat it? A collection with logos, sneakers to die for and plastic bags in vibrant colors. Also learned later about Virgils smart move with personalisation on garments. Products: Light, colorful, fresh and young! 

Although: Did I feel the breath of heritage, luxury and France? Did I see, oooh this is a Louis Vuitton fashion forward collection? Did I get a feeling of modernity and innovation in for example the plastic materials (As the oceans are dying with plastics and we are constantly being aware of pollution and killing the planet)? Although, collection with top qualityproducts and handmade decorations, did I feel exclusiveness? Did i feel like this is for all fashion lovers, like ageless as Vogue wrote? Is marketing and social media for the luxury fashion industry becoming more important then luxury fashion itself as foremost based upon a strong factor as for example heritage? Did this collection speak about awareness of the society we live in or was it at all a reflection of it? And most of all: Did this collection arise my desires? I have too figure all this out, and it will take some time!!

I do adore the collection as a superfly cool collection! So do not get me wrong! Yet my feeling was: What is happening to French fashion? Is this a major swift of the order that has existed since the Renaissance and Golden Age of fashion history? If so, as being a supernerd Fashion Scientist, this is really an exciting time in the world of fashion: A new world order! Yet, a theorist once said: When one country applies the fashion from another country, it is like when starting to speak the other countrys language: A sign of an up-coming invasion! 






#makeapromise - louis vuitton

29 June 2018









For the third year of its partnership with UNICEF, Louis Vuitton help to raise awareness with funds that will support the most vunerable children of the world. By purchasing the Silver Lockit Fluo, our clients come to aid of more then eleven million children in Syria and neighbouring countries.

Since the start 2 years ago, over 4 million USD has been raised to UNICEF amazing work, by this partnership with Louis Vuitton. (The Silver Lockit Fluo retails at €250, €100 of which is donated to UNICEF)

The Silver Lockit bracelet is a symbol of protection and the design, and innovation by George Vuitton in 1890, is inspired by the tumbler lock. The sterling silver padlock is held on a cord, available in five colours (yellow, orange, pink, blue and black).

Why not stop by at our wonderful Louis Vuitton store today and talk to me about  #MAKEAPROMISE?! xoxo






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last update - menswear 2019

27 June 2018









My last update from the recent best menswear collections, with some female looks thrown in that make it a bit blurry, being presented these last weeks. As I already have promised, an analysis, about the new fashion luxury, will be finished and posted here before the week is over. Probably thursday or saturday as those are my days off work :) xoxo







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update - best collections

24 June 2018







Dior Homme, Spring 2019 Menswear




This is as always my choices of the last days best collections and my selection of best looks. I was truly impressed by Kim Jones entry for Dior Homme, very fresh and I feel very much with an air of the luxury that Monsieur Dior would adore in todays fashion. Ann Demeulemeester is constantly a fashion house that impresses me. I had problems of just choosing a few looks, as best looks, the whole collection was amazing.

These last weeks I feel I have not been doing analysis like I should to make this fashion diary truly legit as I want it to be. This, I feel should my strength so next week I promise to do an extended post about what I call "The New Luxury". The reason for that post is my thoughts after the first Louis Vuitton menswear collection by Virgil Abloh. There is a new luxury and what does this new luxury stand for? Have the connection to heritage, that used to be a main factor in the preservation of the largest luxury fashion houses, disappear? What has the new fabrics to do with the new luxury? The presentation, casting and setting for the new luxury, is it based upon the fashion house itself or a way to change the luxury fashion houses to something entiraly different in the future? Well, all these questions will be discussed by my in an extended post and out of my academic background in fashion science and ethnology :) Stay true to me, so much more is coming! xoxo





Mugler, Resort 2019


Ann Demeulemeester, Spring 2019 Menswear


Hermes, Spring 2019 Menswear


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new collections - best looks

23 June 2018





Alexander McQueen Spring 2019 Menswear




This is the new collections being presented these last days. As always I present the best looks according to my very own personal taste! Sarah Burton is leaving her post as creative director for Alexander McQueen menswear so this was her last collection for the fashionhouse. I was mostly impressed by the designs by John Galliano for Maison Margiela, fashion forward and with a whole new approach in his artisanal collection to luxury fashion for men in a very high-end glamour decadent way! Brilliant! xoxo





Off-White Resort 2019



Self-Portrait A/W 2018 Pre-Fall



Maison Margiela Spring 2019 Menswear



Dries van Noten Spring 2019 Menswear



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glad midsommar - "happy midsummer"

22 June 2018











Still on the ferry since early morning, on the way to our beloved country house at Åland. Åland is a large island with a waste archipelago in the middle of the ocean between Sweden and Finland.  I got up very early and took the 7 o´clock ferry and soon I will arrive. (6 h later). The picture I just took show how we are heading towards open ocean, so about 2 hours left until I arrive and my father picks me up on the dock.

Today is a really big day for local celebration. For the people at Åland I do think "Midsummer" is even a more important tradition than Christmas. The elderly in the village prepare for months to make the event as traditional and memorable, with a huge respect of the village heritage, as possible. Åland is a truly magic place and it is the essence and joy of my childhood summers. My grandmother, on my fathers side, grew up at Åland as a child. Our family still own a huge farm with houses, barns, stables and too much land and water that are hard to care for as no one of us live there all year round. Thank God for the farmers in the village around that are able to help and take care of our familys land with grewing grain and vegetables on the land and taking real good care of the forests, bridges and docks. <3

Well soon I arrive! This weekend I will become one with nature and the wild elements in the middle of an ocean. Blessed! Will be back in Stockholm Sunday evening! xoxo











louis vuitton - virgil abloh - epic

21 June 2018










Louis Vuitton menswear has gone thru a huge transformation all mastered by the new creative designer for menswear, Virgil Abloh! This first collection for ss2019 menswear is juicy, fresh and superfly! From the time Kanye, Vesna and Virgil was pure grinding. The beginning with for example internships at Fendi and photoshopping all day long, this creative group struggled their way into the very top of the luxury fashion industry. So impressed! Impressed not just by the collection, also the setting, the show, the music and all the details as casting and so forth. Mostly I feel that this appointment of Virgil Abloh by Bernard Arnault will have such a huge impact that it in fact will change the way we look upon luxury fashion in the future. Congratz!! Here I present the best looks according to my taste, although I do not want you to miss out on the full experience, so I infold the show below! xoxo









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menswear 2019 - raf simons - pure genious

21 June 2018






Raf Simons



I must say that I simply adore the sense of body and the creations by master Raf Simons. I, who do not especially like the oversize garments shown on the catwalks these last years, looove the way he makes oversize become truly sexy and beautiful on men. This collection is like a starlight in fashionheaven. I got a momentum in menswear fashion that I will long remember. How much rebel, makeup, luxury and futuristic together with oversized moves my fashionheart. Thanks Mr Simons, I am grateful for this experience! 

Other menswear 2019 collections I liked these last days was Valentino and Off-White as you see my choices of best looks below. xoxo









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on the catwalks - tuesday

20 June 2018





Elie Saab Resort 2019




The collection for Elie Saab was a biggie in many ways! Many looks and so many looks that I found soo adorable as you see in this post as I had problems to just choose a few :) Also pure love for Paco Rabanne that I do feel is truly fashionforward and exciting. Alexander Wang, well fierce and sexy as f**k! xoxo




Paco Rabanne Resort 2019


Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2018


Stella Mccartney Resort 2019


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update - menswear spring 2019

19 June 2018











This is an update of my top looks from my own choice of the last days best collections presented on the catwalks. I do know the collections are menswear 2019, although with some female looks that makes my fashionheart beat a bit extra I have to include those looks. Btw, omfg or maybe gosh, those high heel futuristic gymnastic sandals from Dsquared2 (shown to the left of this post). I crave them sooo badly! Superfly!! xoxo





Tom Ford












Giorgio Armani


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recently from the catwalks

17 June 2018








Dolce & Gabbana



These are my choices of 2019 best collections from these last days. It is a bit blurry to write out what collections are resort and menswear, due to that it is all in a mix nowadays. So bare with me if there are many female looks presented here from menswear collections. I am a women you see and that is today my main focus in desire of fashion :) xoxo



Victoria Beckham


Ulla Johnson


Ralph Lauren





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summerburst - friyay

15 June 2018







Summerburst is on! The weekend is gonna be on fire! Soo, now I am gonna dance my little ass of in the spotlights of the pride of all Swedish Summer festivals- Summerburst. Pure love! Gotta run, as one of my main highlights for the evening, Alan Walker, walks on stage  20.00! xoxo










update resort 2019 - recent from the catwalks

12 June 2018






Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini







These are my favourite looks from my choice of best resort 2019 collections presented these last days. Are they not adorable? xoxo





Norma Kamali


Giorgio Armani


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a sunday at torö - solitude

10 June 2018








Today is a day for reflection. Reflection of these last months and how it really hit me so hard. Angie will pick me up in her car very soon and then time for a roadtrip to her beloved countryhouse at Torö. I need nature and I do crave ocean and that salted wind in my hair. I also prefer to spend my time with Angie as I truly love her and the way she always pick me up from the deepest bottom with her smile and positive attitude to life. 

I might be a bit extra sad that I did not get the chance to say goodbye, as I of course was not invited to the funeral. It is hard to face the fact that someone who said I was his true soulmate and was forced from me by foul play from his entourage, would approve of my not having the chance to say farewell properly.  I must put this behind me the best as I can and of course learn from what happened. Love does not conquor all, as least when people lie, cheat and put you in a bird cage without a chance to fulfill your inner dreams! I do not blame anyone but myself for not understanding the foul play going on behind the curtains from those wanting to keep you out of love and all for themselves! I am sorry for that! Maybe I am a too goodhearted person to understand the evil inside some people. I miss you sweet music man and I will never forget the time we spent together that we both thought was the beginning of something magic for the entire life! xoxo






louis vuitton - jackets I adore

08 June 2018






Louis Vuitton Lambskin Malletage Jacket


Louis Vuitton Transparent 3D Monogram Raincoat 




If you ask me what jackets this up-coming fall that my heart are truly set upon? Here they are, all from Louis Vuitton! I wish my wallet was as big as my love for fashion! :) I want them all, although I do think I have to make a choice between them! Tricky! xoxo





Louis Vuitton Raw Denim Studded Jacket 


Louis Vuitton Mink Biker Jacket 


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saint laurent - menswear - spring 2019

07 June 2018






Saint Laurent



Omg! So legit! What ubersexy menswear collection Anthony Vaccarello has created for Saint Laurent! Pure adore for me! <3

I love the 70s influentual vibes on fashion, especially when it proves to be legit as fashion of today. Those Studio54 vibes, those vibes of Mick Jagger not giving a fuck about anything but expressing himself. This rebellion collection is so legit and makes a woman like me feel a bit passionate whimsy ;)

This collection also sends me back to academic basics as I get a flashbacks to what Kawamura wrote about the difference between clothing and fashion. Clothing is just a material product, fashion is a symbolic product. Clothes you can touch, fashion is untouchable. Clothes are necessary, fashion is optional. I also get hit by how fashion depend on a certain change in the social structure of society and needs a modern society based upon transparence and flexibility. How much this collection provides vibes that everything is possible and manifests male body and sexuality. Rebel rebel, yeah!

I also take in the vibes by the choice of styling the models. This collection with its clothes dressed upon this type of bodies, makes a pure fulfillment of joy. About beauty and the choice of models and styling I look back at my ethnologic academic studies about "Hair". Especially what Biddly-Perry and Cheang wrote about how the hair has a function from a social perspecive based upon theories about hair as a fallosymbol and the cutting of hair as a symbol of castration. Still in todays society, long hair stands for social freedom and rebellion. The way men keep their hair in a certain socity provides facts of partiarchate, extremism, secularization, tradition and modernity in that society. It is the flexibility of hair that empowers a system of representation and identity. Another theorist, Douglas, did analysis of shaggy and smooth hair to illustrate the relationship between body and situation. He came to the conclusion that shaggy hair, still a symbol of rebellion, can be found among those professionals who are in a position to critique society, in particular, academics and artists. Smooth hair, however, is likely to be found among those who conform.

The modern male identity that Anthony Vaccarello provides with this collection, styling and choices of models make me feel a bit fuzzy inside :) "You making me feel hot, hot, hot!" xoxo





Saint Laurent


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resort 2019 - on the catwalks - update

07 June 2018








This is an update of what has been shown on the catwalks these last few days! As usually I present the top collections accordning to my personal taste and some of the very very best looks. Enjoy! xoxo




Prabal Gurung



3.1. Philip Lim



Ports 1961



Johanna Ortiz



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rimowa x off-white

06 June 2018









This is cool! I do love the luggage that Rimowa does in the way being superfly yet classic and of really high quality. Now Rimowa has stepped it up even further with ubercool Virgil Abloh and his Off-White creating a collaboration with Rimowa. As I do need new gear for all my adventures late summer and up-coming fall: Gonna get down with one of these suckers! Read all about the collection at Rimowa, thru link here! xoxo




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tuesday - ocean calling for me

05 June 2018










Today is a Tuesday off work! I am feeling a strong sense of craving nature today, maybe due to all the mourning these last months! Truly in need of ocean and the elements! Soon, Angie will pick me up in her car and I do think we will drive to her country house by the ocean at Torö! This little Alice really feels like being in her Wonderland as the wind is blowing, the air smells like salted sea and Mother Nature holds me to her bosom and says: Everything gonna be alright! xoxo







new collections - last week

05 June 2018










Sorry for bad fashion world up-dating this last week! Here I present the best looks from the recent top collections on the catwalks (pre-fall 2018, resort 2019 and spring 2019). Enjoy! xoxo




Alexander Wang




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resort 2019 - this weeks catwalks

31 May 2018








I am neither a fashionjournalist neither a fashioneditor so therefor the rules for fashioncritizism as Yuniya Kawamura writes about in "Fashion-ology", do not apply for me. With this I mean: I do not use "silence" as a way of critizism as fashionmedia usually do. By not exposing collections, and looks, silence is the proof of "not approved of" in todays fashionmedia. This blog is my very own I have no hesitation about telling my very own fashion thruth :) No chiefeditors and no commercial interests to take in considiration before speaking out, liberating. :)

This are, according to my taste, the best looks from the recent catwalks showing off resort 2019 collections.  However, this is the first time in years I do not approve of the creations by Alessandro Michele for GUCCI. I feel rather bored! It is way to blurry and way too much that makes me feel that I can not understand what that genious want to express with the collection? I must admit I do adore a few looks, although the collection feels out of order and out of time. Modernity? Do not think so! I might be wrong, or? I even tried to find out if the case might be that accessoires will lift up the validation of the entire collection. After looking at details from the collection, I got even more disappointed :/ Michele have been my love and one of my fashiongurus for years, why am I so truly disappointed now? 

Well, here are a few looks I do adore from GUCCI  (6 out of 115) and also looks from other collections that I really do enjoy! xoxo





Coach 1941




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